The University of Washington Board of Regents established an architectural commission in December 1957 to advise the board and the president on matters concerning the design, function, performance, and environmental integrity of the university’s buildings, landscapes, infrastructure, and urban amenities.

In its advisory capacity, the commission reviews and evaluates plans and projects that affect the aesthetic character and composition of the university’s three campuses.  It reviews the selection of building sites, the design of new buildings and public spaces, major additions and modifications to these elements, and campus plans; and it issues general and specific recommendations related to these elements, and to design and planning policies that ensure the aesthetic and historic integrity of the public settings of university life.  The commission assists the regents and president in the selection of architects and consultants for all projects that influence the physical and aesthetic character of its campuses, and periodically reviews the design of these projects through all phases of their development. In addition, the commission periodically reviews and evaluates the university campus master and subsidiary plans, and advises the president on related architectural and environmental issues as they may arise, including historic conservation.


The UW Architectural Commission and the UW Landscape Advisory Committee meet together five to six times a year. Meeting documents are linked in the Archive section below.