UW Real Estate (UWRE) is responsible for asset management of a large portfolio of primarily off campus properties, as well as providing a diverse range of services including leasing office, clinic, residential and other space both locally and internationally; purchase and sale of property; granting and obtaining access rights; and acceptance, management and sale of gifts of real property to the University.

Donating or selling property to the UW

If you would like to donate real property to the University, please see Planned Giving or contact the Office of Gift Planning.  If you wish to sell property to UW, please email uwreo@uw.edu.


For information about student housing for the Seattle campus, please see the HFS website, and similar pages for UW Bothell and UW Tacoma

For housing resources for faculty and staff, please see the Whole U’s roundup of housing resources, and the UW Faculty Auxiliary has a Visiting Faculty Housing Service

UW departments who are looking for help for traveling or visiting faculty under two months, please contact UW Travel. For more than two months, please see Space Requests

Leasing space from the UW

  • UW Seattle: Contact Gary Eng, UWRE Asset Manager at 206-616-3415
  • UW Bothell: Contact Gary Eng, UWRE Asset Manager at 206-616-3415
    For general information see UW Bothell Campus.
  • UW Tacoma: Contact Ben Mauk, Real Estate Manager, UW Tacoma at 253-692-4331
  • For general information see UW Tacoma Campus.
  • Boat Street Marina: Contact Steven Agnew, Boat Street Marina Manager at 206-634-2050
  • UW Metropolitan Tract: Leasing information can be found here.
  • Other: Contact the UWRE Office at 206-616-3400, uwreo@uw.edu

Access to UW property

For access including rights of entry, permits and easements contact UWRE.

Renting space for conferences, meetings, special events, filming