Do you have unneeded or unusable items? UW Surplus is here to help!

We take surplus items off your hands. We resell what we can and recycle most of what cannot be sold.

What to Surplus

By law, all unwanted University property must be surplused, regardless of condition. Some items may need to follow special procedures before they can come to UW Surplus. Please check our preparing items for Surplus guide.

Before sending anything to Surplus, make sure the items can be surplused and are UW property.

  • For example, equipment purchased with grant money might not be surplused. Please contact the Equipment Inventory Office to verify if this equipment can be surplused. 
  • Even something as simple as a stapler needs to go through UW Surplus if it is UW property.

Please don’t toss something, even if it’s broken. If you have four office chairs, only three of which are usable, we still need to go through the proper channels. Surplus the chairs, and we will take care of the broken one in a responsible and green manner.

Service Options

Submit a Request for Pickup or Dropoff

You can either request for us to pick up your items or let us know you’ll be dropping them off yourself. See below for the differences between requesting pickup or dropping off items.

(The form requires a NetID.)

Before Requesting

Filling Out the Form

You will need approval from your manager (or higher) and will need to provide their UW NetID on the request form. 

You will need to confirm on the form that all scientific, research or laboratory equipment has been assessed for hazardous materials.

Help us expedite your request by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t paste in data from spreadsheets. Our system can’t read it and it will be corrupted.
  • Be descriptive. Provide the type of item, i.e., desk, computer, centrifuge, box of office supplies. When listing additional detail, format as follows:
    • Computer, HP Compaq 6200 Pro
    • File cabinet, 5-drawer, metal
    • Centrifuge, Eppendorf 5415C
  • List tagged items one per line. Items with an EIO inventory tag should be listed one per line. If you have multiple large items of the same make and model without EIO tags, they can be grouped on a single line with the quantity identified.
  • Box smaller items and list collectively. Items such as office supplies, keyboards and computer cables can be boxed together with each box of like items grouped on a single line with the quantity identified. For example:
    • Box of office supplies: 5 entered in the quantity field
    • Box of computer cables: 3 entered in the quantity field
  • Hard drives. Always specify the number of hard drives you are surplusing. Surplus keeps an inventory of each hard drive and how it was managed. If hard drives are boxed, list the count in the description. For example:
    • Box of hard drives: 15 entered in the quantity field

After Submitting the Form

You’ll receive an email with the surplus number assigned to your request and further instructions. If requesting a pickup, your budget will be charged at this time.


UW faculty and staff with departmental/supervisor information.

Requesting Pickup

We are more than happy to help you get surplused items moved from your space to ours.


Budgets will be charged according to current mover rates.

Dropping Off Items

Instead of scheduling a pickup, you can drop off items at the Surplus warehouse at no cost. You should still complete the Surplus Request form below. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait while the items are entered into our system and you’ll be restricted regarding which days you can make your delivery*.

Surplus Warehouse Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m

* Tuesdays and the Friday and Monday after an auction, we can only accept deliveries scheduled with the request form.


There is no cost for delivering items to Surplus.

The form requires a budget number, but it will only be charged if delivered items aren’t properly prepared.

How early should I request?: 

At least 24 hours before you plan to drop off the items.