Do you have unneeded or unusable items? UW Surplus is here to help!

We take surplus items off your hands. We resell what we can and recycle most of what cannot be sold.

What to Surplus

By law, all unwanted University property must be surplused, regardless of condition. Some items may need to follow special procedures before they can come to UW Surplus. Please check our preparing items for Surplus guide.

Before sending anything to Surplus, make sure the items can be surplused and are UW property.

  • For example, equipment purchased with grant money might not be surplused. Please contact the Equipment Inventory Office to verify if this equipment can be surplused. 
  • Even something as simple as a stapler needs to go through UW Surplus if it is UW property.

Please don’t toss something, even if it’s broken. If you have four office chairs, only three of which are usable, we still need to go through the proper channels. Surplus the chairs, and we will take care of the broken one in a responsible and green manner.

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