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UW Facilities

Serving today. Preserving tomorrow.

UW Facilities units

  • Asset Management is responsible for optimizing the full life cycle of University property from acquisition and development through operations and renewal.

    • Capital & Space Management is responsible for planning projects and capital resource allocation across all three UW campuses.

    • Capital Reinvestment helps address both preventative and deferred maintenance on major systems and infrastructure, as well as managing an energy conservation program in state-funded buildings. 

    • Customer Experience manages all service requests and status updates throughout the service delivery life cycle, enables effective work management practices, supports campus building coordinators and provides general customer service on behalf of UW Facilities.

    • Engineering Services provides professional engineering support for design, construction, operation and maintenance, including architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental disciplines. 

    • Real Estate is responsible for a large portfolio of primarily off campus properties including the downtown Metropolitan Tract, as well as providing a diverse range of services including leasing office, clinic, residential and other space both locally and internationally; purchase and sale of property; granting and obtaining access rights; and acceptance, management and sale of gifts of real property to the University.

    • Sustainability advances the university’s commitment to sustainability with innovative and inclusive solutions that are socially responsible, economically viable, and affect positive environmental impact. 

    • University Architects establish an integrated vision of the physical campus landscape and oversees its implementation through capital projects. 

  • Business Intelligence & IT is responsible for the collection, analysis and presentation of business data for the purpose of spreading innovation throughout UW Facilities.

    • Business Processes & Project Management works with operational teams to improve and support organizational change and process improvements.

    • Data Integration & Analytics creates and curates accurate data to inform planning, execution and ongoing assessment. 

    • Information Technology maintains and supports critical enterprise applications and systems. 

  • Emergency Management provides technical and custom services to the entire institution, including individual and group training, orientations, consultative sessions, seminars and orientation materials as they relate to major campus crises, disasters and major emergency incidents.

  • Finance & Administration provides key organizational infrastructure support for UW Facilities.

    • Financial Accounting coordinates accounting and financial management functions, overseeing the operating and capital resources that support all Facilities work.

    • Partner Resources is made up of Human Resources & Labor Relations, Communications, Payroll and Training. 

    • Procurement and Sourcing works to ensure Facilities leverages its buying power to achieve procurement goals of business equity, sustainability and cost effectiveness. 

  • Operations is the largest group in Facilities and has the most direct responsibility for ensuring the University is ready for business each day.

    • Building Services Department consists of Custodial Services and UW Recycling, providing cleaning and waste services and promoting a clean and environmentally sustainable campus. 

    • Campus Utilities & Operations provides continuous, reliable operations of building systems and the campus utilities infrastructure, as well as emergency maintenance response.

    • Maintenance & Construction provides maintenance, repair, and construction services of the University’s buildings and grounds.

    • Project Delivery is responsible for the delivery of hundreds of small and large capital projects for the University every year. 

    • Safety oversees safety-related training, policies and procedures for UW Facilities as well as providing guidance and expertise to campus partners. 

    • Transportation Services provides innovative and sustainable transportation solutions, including parking, transit, bicycling, walking and rideshare.