Services we provide fall into two categories: state funded and self-sustaining services. Please refer to our building list for more information about which buildings are state funded or self-sustaining.

State Funded Maintenance Services

  • Services which are directly related to the overall operation and use of the University’s physical plant are usually paid by state funds.
  • These services include work of a routine, recurring nature required to keep buildings, utilities and grounds in safe and acceptable operating condition.

Department Funded Maintenance Services

Some maintenance services completed by Facilities Services units are not covered by state-appropriated funds. These services, such as special equipment repair or maintenance services for self sustaining entities, must be paid for by the department. This includes:

  • Painting, of both offices and non-public areas
  • Flooring replacement or repairs
  • Repairs to departmental furniture or equipment (this includes fume hoods, freezers, ice machines, centrifuges, stills and purification/filtering systems)
  • Special cleaning such as upholstery cleaning
  • Maintenance to computer equipment or server rooms

We recommend that departments consider their equipment and special use systems maintenance needs in their program renewal and budget planning.