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Work Order Process

Step 1: Service Request Submitted

Submit a request via FS Works, or by contacting the UW Facilities Customer Care Team.

It’s important for requests to be as complete as possible when they’re sent in, otherwise assignment could be delayed. To avoid any delays, ensure your request includes:

  • Specific details about the location
  • Information about the type of material in question (wood, brick, laminate, carpet, etc.)
  • A budget number for specific departmental requests

If your request is missing any details, a Customer Care Specialist will reach out to you requesting more information.

Step 2: Work Order Creation

Once complete, a Customer Care Specialist reviews your request, prioritizes it, and assigns it to the appropriate service provider within one business day.


  1. Emergency – Unplanned events that pose a risk to safety, property or critical operations
  2. High – Unplanned events that pose a risk to business operations or environments, and have the potential to escalate into an emergency event
  3. Routine – Space alterations, preventive maintenance, or planned work requests
  4. Scheduled – All other repairs, replacements or restoration work

You will receive a confirmation email including a link to track the work order status online where you can see the various work groups or shops assigned to the work, the status of their work, and estimated scheduling information.

Status Definitions

  1. Open – Default status of a request once submitted
  2. Active – Work in progress
  3. Work Complete – Work has finished
  4. Closed – No further action to take place

Step 3: Work Occurs

The appropriate service provider will complete your service request by the deadline. Estimated begin and end dates are available online for routine, high and emergency work. Schedules for planned work are coordinated with the service requester. The deadline for work requests depend on the assigned priority:


  1. Emergency – Stabilized within one business day (additional work required may be assigned a different deadline)
  2. High – Completed within seven business days of assignment
  3. Routine – Completed within 25 business days of assignment
  4. Scheduled – A service provider will contact you to discuss project schedules and deadlines

Deadlines may be delayed if we need to order parts or materials, if the project scope changes, or if there are additional unforeseen obstacles.

Step 4: Work Completed

Once all work has been completed you will receive an email notification including a link to our satisfaction survey.

Step 5: Billing

For department-funded requests, billing occurs at the beginning of each month for time and materials that were attributed to the work order. Billing cycles will continue throughout the duration of the project until work is completed.

Step 6: Request Closed

The work order’s status will be updated to closed and fully billed once all work has been completed, and all time and materials associated with the project have been approved and processed.

It takes approximately 45 days from the time the work order is marked complete to the time it will be fully billed and marked as closed.