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Facilities Services

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Custodial Services - Routine

Custodial Services is responsible for cleaning the interiors of campus buildings as well as cleaning and resupplying building restrooms on a regularly scheduled basis. Most routine cleaning is scheduled once a day at times most convenient to the building occupants.

  • Trash removal
  • Floors: sweeping; spot mopping; spot vacuuming
  • Chalkboards and whiteboards: cleaning; replenishing chalk or markers in classrooms and auditoriums
  • Stairwells: sweeping; complete vacuuming
  • Door glass, doors, walls, tabletops, podiums: cleaning as needed
  • Restrooms: sanitizing; repairing dispensers; replenishing supplies
  • Dusting uncluttered cabinet tops, window sills, banisters, etc.
  • Building entry doors: locking; unlocking
  • Recyclables collection: Custodians collect recyclables from green bagits and public-area containers on a daily basis.
    • Flattened cardboard: Custodians will collect up to six pieces of flattened cardboard from each workstation.
    • Large volumes: Place requests with UW Recycling for removal of large volumes of recyclables.

Routine custodial services are performed daily or as needed.

Who is Eligible to Use This Service?

The cost of these services is absorbed.

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