• Intercollegiate Athletics Basketball Training Facility
    (Image credit: Gensler)

The new Basketball Training Facility will replace the existing Pavilion Pool to provide a new 36,000-square-foot “home” for the men’s and women’s basketball programs. The building will enhance training and development opportunities for basketball student-athletes by creating equitable spaces for each program. The equity-centric focus of the project is emphasized through the creation of two 9,800 square feet practice courts. Each court shall be dedicated to the men’s or women’s basketball program for exclusive use and 24/7 access. The new facility includes an entry, lobby and circulation path that feature equal program visibility and access for the occupant/visitor experience.

The facility will include viewing and gathering opportunities for each program, as well as a prominent conference room to facilitate meetings with recruits and their families. Additionally, the facility will provide new internal connections between the floor level of the Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion and Graves Annex Strength and Conditioning space, which will better serve all student-athletes. Extensive site improvements will include ADA enhancements, a student gathering plaza, new landscaping, site lighting, consolidated parking and improved external circulation to better serve game-day crowds. 

The new Basketball Training Facility is scheduled to open autumn quarter 2025.

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