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graduation cap with words 'hello world'

Interns get ready for real world

Students praise UWF staff mentors for helping them learn and grow

Internships take education beyond book learning to hands-on learning. Students get to put a skill or knowledge into practice ahead of their career journey — experience especially valuable for the UW Facilities interns who are graduating this year.

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This article was updated on May 8 after it was announced that UW Facilities' Mike Morris won the DSA award for career achievement.

The UW's Distinguished Staff Award (DSA) is the University's highest staff honor…

man in a cherry picker examines the branch of a cherry tree against the background of a building in the Quad

A lot has changed on the UW campus over the years. New buildings go up, old buildings get renovated and light rail tunnels down below. One thing remains constant: The cherry trees in the Quad bloom every March. 

coyote walking on UW campus near Denny Hall

The UW campus is not only a home for higher learning, it’s also a home to wildlife. Rabbits, ducks, geese, deer, squirrels and more all enjoy the UW’s hundreds of acres of lawns, hidden gardens and green space. And then there are the coyotes. …

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More than 1,100 people help manage and operate the University's buildings, infrastructure and land. From construction to cleaning, grounds maintenance to garages, real estate to recycling, architects to accountants, planning to power supply and more, UW Facilities staff make sure the University of Washington is ready for business each day. This blog tells their stories.