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purple and gold fire hydrant

Who painted the purple-and-gold fire hydrants?

Help solve a campus mystery

If you’re walking on campus near the HUB or the Quad, you may do a double take at some of the fire hydrants. Painted in purple and gold, they might seem like a fun expression of school spirit. They’re also all painted the same shades, suggesting that one person or group is painting them all.

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two pictures, one on top of the other, of two different groups of people, one group holding certificates

At the Nov. 16 graduation ceremony for Stepping Stones to Success, UW Facilities’ leadership development program for front-line staff, instructor Sarah Lewis-Assink joked, “The word ‘empathy’ has been used 14,546 times in this program.”

snow plow clears snow in front of Suzzallo library

With Thanksgiving over, fall has given way to winter, as if on cue. The Puget Sound region has already seen snow, sleet, rain mixed with snow, hail and more — and the winter wonderland won’t end there. Experts are saying it’ll be another La Niña…

Two men standing in front of pipes and equipment

My name is Jacob Emmons and I am a metal tradesman at the UW. I’m part of a team in UW Facilities' Shop 16 that maintains and repairs equipment such as fans, pumps, water heaters and kitchen equipment. Most of our repairs are performed in the…

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More than 1,100 people help manage and operate the University's buildings, infrastructure and land. From construction to cleaning, grounds maintenance to garages, real estate to recycling, architects to accountants, planning to power supply and more, UW Facilities staff make sure the University of Washington is ready for business each day. This blog tells their stories.