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People standing in room with missing ceiling tiles and rubble in the background

UW Facilities fights campus floods

Freezing temperatures over MLK weekend lead to dozens of leaks

Late Friday afternoon before Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Jodene Davis returned to her office in Mary Gates Hall, where she works as a director in Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Her colleagues pointed to the ceiling in the hall of their ground-floor suite. Water was coming out of the tiles, making its way down the wall and out the bottom of a doorframe. 

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snow plow clears snow in front of Suzzallo library

Don Satko has lived in the Puget Sound region all his life. He doesn’t remember there being many snowstorms growing up in the 1970s, but “now it seems like it's every year,” he said.

As a heavy equipment operator with UW Facilities, Satko…

four people standing in a row

While more than 1,000 people work in UW Facilities, most employees interact with a much smaller set of colleagues in their day-to-day jobs. Mechanics work with other mechanics and custodians with other custodians in their individual areas or…

people in line on Red Square at night

The challenge: Prepare the UW campus to host a live national TV show, manage hundreds of students lined up before dawn, and do it all on the busiest spot in campus. You have less than a week. Go.

UW Facilities Blog

More than 1,100 people help manage and operate the University's buildings, infrastructure and land. From construction to cleaning, grounds maintenance to garages, real estate to recycling, architects to accountants, planning to power supply and more, UW Facilities staff make sure the University of Washington is ready for business each day. This blog tells their stories.