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man with computer looks at control panel with lit up switches
• Misty Shock Rule

At home, there are simple steps you can take to save energy: program your thermostat, fix a leaky pipe, tell the kids to turn off the light when they leave the room, and so on. Smart home devices make doing this even easier, automatically increasing or decreasing energy usage to match your activity.

sunflare seen through trees with people walking by
• Misty Shock Rule

After a blistering summer, fall temperatures have continued to break records. The Seattle area has seen the most ever October days over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and, with temperatures hitting 88 degrees on Oct. 16, the latest day ever in the year to go above 80 degrees. 

signs saying 'tree work ahead' and 'tree removal notice'
• Misty Shock Rule

With record-breaking heat waves and more 90-degree-plus days each summer, increasing temperatures are killing many of our region’s trees. Birch trees, prized for their silvery bark, are becoming more vulnerable to a destructive pest, altering our region’s streets, green spaces and landscapes — including the UW campus.

boilers one and two from inside uw steam power plant
• Daimon Eklund
Closeup of cherry blossoms
• UW Facilities
UW Recycling logo
• UW Facilities

Editor’s note: UW Facilities counts on a number of student interns year round to contribute to our departmental success. This spring, Julie Ira interned with UW Recycling, and shares her experiences in this guest article. For more information about UW internships and positions, click here.  

Poison dart frog at Woodland Park Zoo
• Nancy Gardner
Closeup of leaves from Elm Hall's elm.
• Nancy Gardner

Elm Hall, an L-shaped dormitory, was constructed in 2012 and designed around a majestic American elm tree on the University of Washington’s west campus.  The 65-foot tree, nestled in the crook of the dorm, was the area's crowning glory.

Brand new Chevy Bolt with UW "W"
• Alice Ven

60,304 miles. That’s how far UW Laboratory Medicine’s couriers have traveled in their new all-electric vehicles since receiving them from Fleet Services in June.

Electric UCAR charging
• Nancy Gardner

Faculty, staff and students interested in renting UCARs for short-term transportation needs while on official university business will find it even easier to go green now that UW Fleet Services has added more electric vehicles to its cadre of cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks.