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Employee & team features

graduation cap with words 'hello world'
May 19, 2023 • Misty Shock Rule

Internships take education beyond book learning to hands-on learning. Students get to put a skill or knowledge into practice ahead of their career journey — experience especially valuable for the UW Facilities interns who are graduating this year.

group of people standing in two rows
April 19, 2023 • Misty Shock Rule

This article was updated on May 8 after it was announced that UW Facilities' Mike Morris won the DSA award for career achievement.

The UW's Distinguished Staff Award (DSA) is the University's highest staff honor, recognizing employees who exemplify excellence in collaboration, innovation, impact, career achievement, and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

man in a cherry picker examines the branch of a cherry tree against the background of a building in the Quad
March 16, 2023 • Misty Shock Rule

A lot has changed on the UW campus over the years. New buildings go up, old buildings get renovated and light rail tunnels down below. One thing remains constant: The cherry trees in the Quad bloom every March. 

two pictures, one on top of the other, of two different groups of people, one group holding certificates
December 07, 2022 • Misty Shock Rule

At the Nov. 16 graduation ceremony for Stepping Stones to Success, UW Facilities’ leadership development program for front-line staff, instructor Sarah Lewis-Assink joked, “The word ‘empathy’ has been used 14,546 times in this program.”

Two men standing in front of pipes and equipment
November 08, 2022 • Jacob Emmons

My name is Jacob Emmons and I am a metal tradesman at the UW. I’m part of a team in UW Facilities' Shop 16 that maintains and repairs equipment such as fans, pumps, water heaters and kitchen equipment. Most of our repairs are performed in the field or in our workshop located in the basement of Gould Hall.

photos of together we will award nominees
May 26, 2022 • Bettina Jones

Congratulations to custodian Evalina Taganna Romano for being one of the winners of the UW Together We Will award for 2022. She and the other winners from across the University will be honored at the 52nd annual Awards of Excellence reception at Meany Hall on Thursday, June 9.  The Together We Will Awards serve as a temporary replacement for the Distinguished Staff Award (DSA) program, which will be back next year.

boilers one and two from inside uw steam power plant
April 13, 2022 • Daimon Eklund
Natural stone step pathway
October 13, 2021 • Nancy Gardner
Saluting sillouette against an American flag background
November 03, 2020 • Nancy Gardner

Patriotism. Comradery. Strength. Just some of the words that come to mind when we consider the meaning of Veterans Day. The 58 stately London plane sycamore trees that line Memorial Way to the flagpole were planted 100 years ago to honor UW students and faculty who died in World War I.

Evalynn Romano with her gifts of breakfast and coffee
June 15, 2020 • Nancy Gardner