The University Landscape Advisory Committee (ULAC) plays a key role in helping to preserve and enhance the unique character of the University’s outdoor spaces and attain high quality campus environments. It advises the Architectural Commission (UWAC), the University landscape architect and the vice president of UW Facilities concerning design review of construction proposals in relation to their influence on the outdoor environment. ULAC, which succeeded the Campus Landscape Advisory Committee established in 1970,  is also involved in review and comment of University planning and other site-related issues as may arise. While the major focus of ULAC’s responsibility is with the Seattle campus, it may also be called upon to advise on issues affecting other campuses and field stations.

The committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing significant matters relative to University planning and landscape design for new construction or renovation. Issues reviewed include, but are not limited to: site circulation for vehicles and pedestrians; parking location, screening and development; placement and selection of site furnishings, signage, and lighting; the location of memorial objects and public art; open space development and connectivity; preservation of existing and selection of new vegetation; irrigation performance; and conformance with the Campus Master Plan.


The UW Architectural Commission and the UW Landscape Advisory Committee meet together five to six times a year. See the Architectural Commission page for meeting dates and documents.