The University has many outside spaces that can be used for special events. To make sure that there are no conflicts with times and dates, and to ensure the facility’s basic function is protected, it is necessary that each event be approved by an academic or administrative unit and by the Committee on the Use of University Facilities (UUF).

Weddings, banquets, fun runs, pep rallies, luncheons, plays, open houses, displays and art shows are just some of the events that have been held on the campus grounds. Individual tabling without amplified sound for faculty, staff and students are not classified as special events, and therefore not required to go through the UUF process; tabling fairs with multiple tables and organizations would be required to follow the process.

Some of the more popular spaces include Grieg Garden, Sylvan Theater, the Quad, Red Square, HUB Lawn, and Drumheller Fountain.


Who is Eligible to Use This Service?
Campus Visitors (without a NetID)

All events must be consistent with the University’s mission of teaching, research and public service.


How Early Should I Request?

At least four weeks advance notice is required. All reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. Popular venues may fill up fast, and Red Square and the Quad require some additional approvals, so please send in a UUF request as soon as you are able.



All fees subject to change. Larger groups will be negotiated on an event-by-event basis. There are no refunds. Event must be paid in full 30 days prior to event date

Grieg Garden

Reservation fee: $500

Number of people: 1-100 MAX

Duration: 0-8 hours

Sylvan Theater

Reservation fees: $500 (0-150 people) $750 (151-250) $1000 (251+)

Duration: 0-8 hours

Other campus locations

Reservation fees: same as Sylvan Theater

Number of people: up to 500 (or that area’s maximum capacity)


Request the Service

The Office of Special Programs has more information about UUF request forms.



Submit a UUF request at least four weeks in advance. After the UUF is received and the event date is secured you will receive an invoice.