Windows are cleaned every four-to-five years for most academic buildings and every three years for the Health Sciences Complex and the Quad.

Building Coordinators are notified five to ten days prior to the arrival of the Window Washing Crew and Building Coordinators are responsible for notifying building occupants of the cleaning. Window Washers will announce their presence at each office before beginning window cleaning. Classrooms are cleaned between scheduled classes to minimize disruption.

Service can be requested between the normal rotational schedule.

Who is Eligible to Use This Service?
How Early Should I Request?

Requested services are scheduled in advance, typically occurring on Fridays. Schedule adjustments may be made in order to accommodate special requests.


Services requested outside of the rotational schedule will be charged to the sponsoring Department. Labor and material rates will apply.

Request the Service

(FS-WORKS requires a NetID login)

Please clarify if you want both the internal and external sides of the windows washed so we can expedite your request. We recommend that both sides be cleaned in order to provide the best results.