Custodial services offered in laboratories differ from administrative and academic spaces on-campus. Offices located in labs receive the services listed on this page. 

We prioritize our custodial staff’s safety. Custodians may not service some laboratories due to potential safety hazards.  

Lab cleaning limitations

  • Custodial staff follow entry requirements listed on Caution & Warning Signs posted at entrances. If your lab requires specific entry requirements (protective clothing, eye protection, etc.), custodians may not service your space.
  • Custodians will not move objects on the floor before cleaning.
  • Inside labs, custodians will avoid objects showing the biohazard symbol and clean around them.
  • Custodial staff do not enter laboratories if a BSL-2 Biohazard symbol is posted outside the door.
    • Any BSL-2 laboratories looking for special custodial cleaning from Building Services can submit a work order in FS-works. They will also need to contact EH&S and fill out and post the Notice of Cleaning and/or Decontamination Form before the lab can be cleaned.

Waste collection:
biohazard symbol in black with an orange background

Biohazard Symbol

  • Any waste labeled with the biohazard symbol will not be collected, unless it has been autoclaved and properly packaged. (Make sure your sharps are packaged correctly.) Please submit a work order or contact the local custodial manager about autoclaved waste collection. You can also refer to the Trash Disposal section in the UW Lab Safety Manual for further information.

    Any items improperly disposed of in the regular waste or not packaged properly will be left and tagged with an improper disposal notice. Lab occupants are responsible for adhering to disposal instructions for the waste to be removed.

Service options

Routine custodial services

Custodial staff operating hours are 5:00 a.m. - 1:10 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Research Labs: 

Teaching Labs: 

  • Sweeping/wet mopping of floors once daily 

  • Removing regular waste once daily 

  • Replenishing paper towels when applicable 

Laboratory move-out

Routine custodial service stops once a lab initiates a move-out. 

If your lab is moving out and you would like it to be cleaned, you must fill out  the Environmental Health and Safety Notice of Laboratory Moveout form. A copy of this form must be posted on the lab door.  

A Custodial Manager or Supervisor will verify the form and necessary work is complete before scheduling service. If one of these steps is incomplete, custodians will not enter/clean the lab.  See also the Laboratory Safety Manual Section 10 – Moving In/Moving Out for more info.

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