Building coordinators, managers, or lab administrators can request custodial services. Please note the following lab-specific details:

  • Custodial staff are instructed not to enter laboratories with the Biohazard symbol posted outside the door.
  • However, laboratories with the Biohazard symbol on objects inside the lab (and not on the door) can receive service.
  • Objects and/or trash labeled with the symbol will not be cleaned or collected.
  • Custodians will only collect biohazardous material waste that has been properly autoclaved and packaged. Make sure your sharps are packaged correctly.
  • Any items improperly disposed of in the regular waste or not packaged properly will be left and tagged with an improper disposal notice of lab occupants to correct.

If your lab is moving, the Environmental Health and Safety Notice of Laboratory Moveout form must be filled out and a copy must be posted on the lab door. If a form is not properly filled out and posted, custodians will not enter/clean the lab.

Request the service

(FS-WORKS requires a NetID login)

You’ll also need to contact Environmental Health and Safety at or 206-221-7770.