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Lamps: fluorescent, other mercury-containing and incandescent

Do not send any kind of lamps through campus mail. Because mercury is highly toxic, all lamps must be segregated, handled carefully and recycled by an approved University vendor. It is illegal to put fluorescent tubes or bulbs/compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in recycling or waste containers.

Do not remove overhead fluorescent lighting tubes yourself.

Request lighting tube removal in FS-WORKS (NetID required)

How to recycle lamps

For self-sustaining units and UW Facilities

Request a Fluorescent lamp drum pickup (NetID required)

For all others - incandescent and other non-mercury-containing lamps only

Step 1: Package the lamps

Package lamps in a box, seal and label “Lamps for Recycling.” Various types may be combined.

Step 2: Choose a disposal option

Option 1: FS-WORKS

Schedule a pickup in FS-WORKS (NetID required)

Option 2: Drop-off

Deliver the boxed lamps to the UW Recycling office at Publications Services, third floor during business hours. When possible, please call 206-685-2811 when you arrive.

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