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UW Recycling collects cartridges and fuser drums for our contracted vendor to recycle or reuse. Any new or unused items should be sent to Surplus.

What’s acceptable for recycling

  • Toner cartridges
  • Laser printer cartridges
  • Ink jet printer cartridges (acceptable in eMedia bins)
  • Bubble jet printer cartridges (acceptable in eMedia bins)
  • Copier cartridges
  • Fuser drums
  • Imaging units
  • Transfer rollers
  • Fuser oil units
What's not acceptable

The following must be disposed of as waste.

  • Waste toner collection containers (must be securely contained in a bag or box prior to disposal)
  • Printer maintenance cartridges

New/unused cartridges and components

UW Recycling collects unused cartridges and components as part of a Boxed recyclables pickup. Alternatively, you can send them to Surplus.


Step 1: Prepare your items

Option 1: Place the used item in a cardboard box. Write recycle on the box.

Option 2: Place the used item in a clear plastic bag and tie it off.

Step 2: Item pickup

Option 1: Take the printer/copier cartridges and components to a nearby collection location.

Option 2: If you are in a building without a designated toner collection location, you can request a boxed recyclables pickup. UW Recycling requires a minimum of 6 boxes of large toner cartridges or 1 storage box (Bankers box) full of small cartridges to be eligible for this service.

Collection locations

Toner cartridge collection locations
on the Campus Sustainability Map

Other resources

Recycle cartridges through a manufacturer’s recycling program or through Office Depot by using their free cartridge collection boxes.

Manufacturers with recycling programs

Office Depot

The Office Depot free collection boxes come with pre-paid shipping labels and can be ordered online through Procurement Services (#621-558 for inkjet boxes and #650-988 for laser toner boxes). Seal the used cartridge in the box from the new cartridge before placing in the Office Depot boxes.