Film used in photography or x-rays, microfiche originals (no stripe across top), and photographic fixer contain lithographic silver, which is a hazardous waste. Do not put any materials that contain silver into the garbage.

X-ray plates must be approved by Environmental Health & Safety radiation safety before they are sent to Surplus. Environmental Health & Safety recycles these materials and reclaims the silver.

To request a pickup with EH&S, please fill out a New Routine Chemical Collection Request and take all film or microfiche out of any plastic sleeves prior to their arrival. The plastic sleeves or containers can be disposed of as garbage

Note: Color film and copies of microfiche do not contain enough silver to be hazardous waste. Copies have a white band along the top edge. Purple (rather than black) microfiche also doesn’t contain silver. These non-hazardous materials should be disposed as garbage.