Compost, recycle or garbage?

Purchased on campus

  • Cups: All coffee cups provided on campus are compostable.
  • Lids: All coffee cups provided on campus are compostable.

View the list of commercially accepted products for cups not purchased on campus and other items. Only these approved items may be composted on campus.

Items that can’t be composted or recycled should be placed in the garbage.

Purchased off campus

  • Most coffee cups purchased off campus are not compostable. Please recycle these items or place in the garbage if they are not clean, empty and dry.

Sustainable events guide

Looking for compostable cups for an event? Check out UW Sustainability’s Green events guide. It lists tips for sustainable practices during your event, including what to do throughout the planning process (before, during and after the event) and small things to remember like paperless invites, sustainable food vendors and clearly marked waste bins.