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    Everything in the store will be 50% off for one day only!

  • Photos of: Maroon Steelcase office chair, wood frame library chair, beige Steelcase office chair

    Available Tuesday, November 29

    • Steelcase Amia office chair: $25.00

    • Wood library chair: $5.00

    • Steelcase Think office chair: $15.00


  • Photos of: small pedestal file cabinet, rounded wood frame chair, plastic file box

    Available Tuesday, November 29

    • Steelcase pedestal with key: $10.00

    • Wood frame chair: $5.00

    • Plastic file box: $3.00

  • Photos of: grey ottoman, grey lateral file cabinet, UW food bank logo

    Available Tuesday, November 29

    • Rolling ottoman with fold-out bed: $45.00

    • Lateral file cabinet: $5.00

    • Plus, we’re hosting a food drive through December 13! If you’re able, this is a great time to clean out your cupboards & give back to UW community members in need. You can find out more about the UW Food Pantry here.