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Project-specific safety plans

The University of Washington, in response to guidance documents from the Governor, state, and federal government, has required that contractors on our projects submit project-specific safety plans as a condition of being able to continue work on our projects in a safe manner during the COVID-19 health emergency. We have also engaged a third-party consultant with hygienist expertise to review plans and provide comments. Prior to recommencing work, all employers are required to post at each job site their comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan.

In the spirit of raising visibility and sharing safety and health best practices that are happening on UW construction sites, the University is publicly posting these plans and review comments. We intend these plans to benefit the teams working on our campus projects as well as those working for other owners in the region. The University does not endorse or validate any specific plan, or rank them in order of preference. Rather, this is meant to be a library of information for the Owner and Construction community to consider in their development or review of plans for their projects. The University’s goals for this shared information are to aid in ‘flattening the curve’ and keeping the workforce safe; be a resource for learning, improvement, and sharing of information; and to foster the development of best practice standards across the industry.

These plans are unique to each employer as well as to the sites where the work is taking place. Projects range in value from $100K to $230M project cost.

View the plans

(This link will take you to the website of PBS Environmental Services, our third-party consultant, and the library that PBS Environmental Services is maintaining of UW project-specific safety plans and review comments).