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Confidential paper documents

UW Recycling does not accept confidential paper and does not provide paper shredding services.


UWMC affiliates should use Shred-it. Coordinate shredding service through UWMC’s Environmental Services department.


Option 1: Self-serve

Use a shredder machine of your choice. Put shredded paper in clear plastic bags, tie the bags securely and place them next to a Bagit station for collection my Custodial Services.

Do not put loose shredded paper in Bagits or toters.

Option 2: State-contracted vendor, off-site shredding

LeMay Mobile Shredding provides off-site shredding at a Washington state-contracted rate to all UW departments. LeMay does not provide containers but will pick-up bags, boxes, etc. of confidential material and load into their truck for destruction off-site. The process pulverizes and completely destroys the documents.

Option 3: Vendor of Your Choice

Contract directly with a vendor, such as Shred-it or Seadrunar Recycling, for either on-site or off-site shredding services.