UW Recycling collects cartridges and fuser drums for our contracted vendor to recycle or reuse. Any new or unused items should be sent to Surplus.

Step 1: Prepare your items

Option 1: Place the used item in a cardboard box. Write recycle on the box.

Option 2: Place the used item in a clear plastic bag and tie it off.

Step 2: Item pickup

Option 1: Take the printer/copier cartridges and components to a nearby collection location (listed below).

Option 2: If you are in a building without a designated toner collection location, request a boxed recyclables pickup If possible, please accumulate at least one Bankers Box full of small printer cartridges, or six boxes of large toner cartridges, before requesting pickup.

What’s acceptable

  • Toner cartridges
  • Laser printer cartridges
  • Ink jet printer cartridges (acceptable in eMedia bins)
  • Bubble jet printer cartridges (acceptable in eMedia bins)
  • Copier cartridges
  • Fuser drums
  • Imaging units
  • Transfer rollers
  • Fuser oil units

What’s not acceptable

The following must be disposed of as waste.

  • Waste toner collection containers (must be securely contained in a bag or box prior to disposal)
  • Printer maintenance cartridges

Collection locations

Toner cartridge collection locations
on the Campus Sustainability Map

Off-campus and leased facilities

Recycle cartridges through the manufacturer’s recycling program or through Office Depot by using their free cartridge collection boxes.

The Office Depot free collection boxes come with pre-paid shipping labels and can be ordered online through Procurement Services (#621-558 for inkjet boxes and #650-988 for laser toner boxes). Seal the used cartridge in the box from the new cartridge before placing in the Office Depot boxes.

New/unused cartridges and components

UW Recycling will collect unused cartridges and components as part of a Boxed recyclables pickup. Alternatively, you can send them to Surplus.