UW Tower Locker Policy

Where are they?

UW Tower's lockers and locker rooms are located in the Basement of UW Tower near the Mail Center.

Who can use it?

Due to the small size and limited number of lockers, the lockers and locker rooms are only available to University of Washington employees who report to work at UW Tower.

How can I gain access to the locker room?

You can request access to the UW Tower Locker rooms for yourself by completing the Access Request Form found here:


Locker Room Policy:

1) All lockers inside of the locker rooms, purple lockers and gold lockers are assigned and must be used at least twice a week in order to retain your assignment.

2) Grey lockers are found outside of the locker rooms can be used at any time without an assignment.

3) All tall lockers inside of the locker rooms are immediate use only.  They should only be used while you are working out or showering.  Locks left over 24 hours will be cut off and items removed.

4) All small lockers inside the locker room are assigned and are in high demand.  There is a waiting list for these lockers.

5) Purple lockers are found outside of the locker room and are assigned.

6) Gold/Rider lockers are for people who primarily bike or walk to work, are assigned, and are found outside of the locker rooms.

7) Users supply their own locks 

Honor system: 

  • If you are using your locker less than twice a week you must relinquish it.
  • The honor system is backed up by an expectation that three times per year all users reply to an email/survey when prompted by UW Tower Facilities requiring them to state their frequency of use and if they wish to retain their locker.
  •  Lack of a reply would constitute forfeiture and give UW Tower Facilities the option of removing the contents of a locker and reassigning it. 
  •  UW Tower Facilities will maintain a database with locker numbers and users assigned to each. 
  • Once a year all lockers will be emptied to allow for a thorough cleaning.  

If you would like a locker, please contact UW Tower Operations at 206-685-5648 or send an email to uwtower@uw.edu.  You will need to provide your Employee ID Number and Box number.