UW Tower Fitness Center


Where is it?  When is it open?

UW Tower's Fitness Center, located in the Basement of UW Tower near the Mail Center, is open during business hours (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am -6:00 pm) and free for all UW Tower employees. 

To see a map of the Fitness Center's location, please click here: Fitness Center/Locker Room Map

Who can use it?

Due to its small size and limited equipment, this Fitness Center is only available to University of Washington employees who report to work at UW Tower.

What kind of equipment is available?

Four elliptical machines

Two tread mills

One leg machine

One leg & ab machine

One upper body machine

One 3-in-1 full body machine

Two recumbent bikes

One upright bike

Two stepping machines

Free weights including kettle balls

Situp bench

Yoga balls

Yoga blocks

Yoga mats

A television with DVD and VCR for video based exercises

Supplies? Repairs?

Cleaning spray for the machines and the paper towels are provided by UW Tower Operations.  The cleaning solution used is called Lemo-quat and is the same solution used at the IMA for cleaning fitness equipment.   If you notice that supplies are running low, please contact us at 206-685-5648 or by emailing uwtower@uw.edu

If a machine seems to be malfunctioning or out of order, please contact us immediately so we can mark it out of service and request a repair from our maintenance provider.

Can I donate/add equipment?

If you have equipment you would like to donate to the Fitness Center, please email us at uwtower@uw.edu to find out if it is something that we are allowed to have.  Any equipment left in the Fitness Center without approval, may be removed without notice.

What do I do in an emergency?

UW Tower's Fitness Center is not staffed, so we have provided an emergency phone that calls directly to Security if there is a medical emergency.

The room is equipped with a fire extinguisher.

In the case of a building wide emergency; visual and audio alarms will sound.  Please evacuate to the Mail Center area and follow the Evacuation Warden's instructions.