Display Guidelines

Display guidelines for the UW Tower, O, S and C building office spaces and common areas have been adapted to follow University of Washington campus building policy. The intent of the guidelines is to provide UW Tower tenants with manageable ways to display posters, flyers, banners and informational media within the facility.

Poster/Flyer Display Policies

There is a strict no taping or tacking policy for the posting of the following items within the UW Tower properties. Taping and tacking postings directly on walls damages the paint and wall. Too many posters and flyers create visual clutter and intended messages are not read.

These items are restricted to display on sign standards, easels or designated bulletin boards:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Temporary directional signs
  • Advertisements
  • Announcements

Bulletin Boards

UW Tower public bulletin boards are located on the C-4 level in the cafeteria entrance corridor. There are three large, glass enclosed and locking bulletin boards for tenant use. Access to these locked cases is available through uwtower@uw.edu. Bulletin boards are identified and labeled as A, B and C.

Bulletin boards in other locations are not public. Posting in these areas requires departmental approval.

Approved Posters & Flyers

  • UW registered group (students or department)
  • Arts – i.e. - Paramount, Seattle Center, theaters, cultural

Non-Approved Posters & Flyers

  • Commercial business (Exceptions: selling car, renting own house, house sitting)
  • Political (Exceptions: UW registered group)
  • Safety - Each department has a bulletin board for this information
  • Union - Each department has a bulletin board for this information


  • Approved banners for promotion of University and community events may be displayed in the C-4 level in the cafeteria. The following locations are designated for hanging banners: 1. Long wall outside of coffee-shop entrance (use existing mounting hardware). 2. Far southwest wall of large cafeteria seating area (tackable surface). 3. Far east wall of large cafeteria seating area (tackable surface).
  • Banners are not displayed on skybridge, lobby walls, or exterior walls of the UW Tower buildings.

Commuter Information

  • Bus schedules, maps and commuter information brochures are located on the C-4 cafeteria level on the far northeast corner wall.

Main Lobby

  • No postings, flyers or banners to be displayed in the main lobby. Exception: approved, easel-mounted welcome poster OK.
  • A building directory will be located in the main lobby.
  • A display fixture for University approved, public brochure information will be provided in the main lobby.
  • The UW Tower Main lobby shall not be used for public and community promotions or events (such as art shows, departmental event promotional displays, and job fairs).

Approval Time

  • Maximum posting or banner duration is 1 month
  • Up to date of event (if less than 1 month)


  • No postings or flyers of any type.


  • No taping of posters, flyers or paper to windows.

Holiday Decorations

  • Please refrain from hanging objects from the ceiling as these items could hinder the operation of life-safety systems in the building.
  • Please refrain from hanging holiday lights or other decorations that require electrical power  - battery powered lights are allowed.
  • Please refrain from placing weighted objects on top of shelves that could become fall hazards or projectiles in the event of an earthquake.
  • Most of all think safety when placing decorations in your workspace and be considerate of others that share your space.
  • Please do not tape or place any items on the windows - even painter's tape can ruin the tinting on the glass.

Where to Have Posters/Flyers Approved

  • Posters and flyers need to be stamped by Building Management before being posted on UW Tower bulletin boards. Please send requests to Jacinda Luna at uwtower@uw.edu. Please work with your designated department floor coordinator to assist you with your display needs.