Household Appliances in the Workplace

Household Appliances in the Workplace

From time to time, employees request permission to use household appliances in their workspace or adjoining common areas. These appliances include, but are not limited to:

• space heaters
• fans
• coffee makers
• coffee warmers
• hot water pots
• toasters
• toaster ovens
• crock-pots
• refrigerators
• microwaves

These household appliance guidelines support the UW Tower Facilities' position of providing a safe work environment for all employees in the facility.

The UW Tower complex has limited electrical capacity due to the age of the facility. The goal of the Household Appliances in the Workplace Policy is to provide a safe electrical infrastructure in the building.  The main focus is to prevent overloading the system, preventing a failure of circuit breakers on the floors and most importantly, to prevent fire in the workplace.  Using electrical appliances not designed for commercial use can cause potential safety hazards, business interruptions, and damage to office equipment or property. Prevention of fire and safety hazards is everyone’s duty and employees need to remove all non-compliance items from the workplace.

Please refrain from bringing personal household appliances to work.  Generally, please refrain from using any item not provided or approved by UW Facilities. Safety is the responsibility of every employee and you can help us to keep your workplace environment safe.

If you are in doubt about the safety of any item in the workplace, please contact your UW Facilities team. We appreciate your partnership.