Building Access

UW Tower Access Policy:

During Business Hours (Weekdays 6 AM – 6 PM):

UW Employees assigned to the UW Tower location are provided building access privileges on their UW Husky Card, authorized by the Access Approver for their floor. 

UW Support Persons (student workers; temp employees; consultants; contracted persons; designated volunteers; etc…) are issued a UW Temporary Access Card, authorized by the Access Approver for their floor.  Access cannot be granted to Student Husky Cards so they will also have to be issued a Temporary Access Card.

Temporary Access Cards cost $25 each and can be requesting through the UW Tower Access Form.

Restricted Access Floors are designated by Access Approvers for their floor. Persons not assigned UW card access (Husky Card or Temp Card) to these floors are to be escorted from the lobby to the restricted floor, by authorized staff from the floor they are visiting.

Guest, Visitors, and Vendors are provided access via a guest/vendor list email, sent by authorized department staff to UW Tower Security. Upon arrival guest are asked to present valid picture ID and sign-in with the UW Tower Security desks, which are conveniently located at each building lobby. 

During Non-Business Hours (Weekdays 6 PM – 6 AM; Weekends; and Holidays):

All persons entering the UW Tower during non-business hours are asked to present valid picture ID and sign in at the Main Lobby Security desk. Access is then provided utilizing a UW Husky Card; Temp Card, or via pre-arranged departmental email sent to UW Tower Security.   

How do I find out who my Access Approver is?

Please email UW Tower Operations.  We have an active list of Access Approver for your floor/department and can let you know who we will need to contact in order for access to be granted to you and/or your new employee.

I am an Access Approver, what do I do?

Access Approvers must maintain an active list of the employees they have granted access to.  They are responsible for distributing Temporary Access cards for student workers, UTemps, consultants, designated volunteers & contractors.  To grant, terminate or modify access, please complete the web-form found here:

UW Tower Access Form

If you have questions about this process, please contact us via email at