Audio/Visual Equipment

Audio Visual equipment is one of the many resources provided by UW Tower.  Our equipment includes data projectors, TV/VCRs, flipchart easels, whiteboards, computer speakers, projection screens, microphones, cables, adapters, power strips, and podiums.  In order to keep offering these items for no cost please abide by these rules:

• All AV equipment must be reserved.  We have a limited supply of equipment, so to ensure we have enough in our inventory to support the need for each day, the equipment should be reserved.

• No AV equipment should leave the building.  Equipment should never leave UW Tower grounds.  Other Campus entities do allow you to travel with their equipment.  Please reserve from Classroom Technology & Events (UW-IT) if you wish use equipment outside of UW Tower:

• Small portable equipment must be checked out.  Data projectors, cables, adapters, computer speakers, and power strips must be checked out and signed for at the UW Tower Operations desk on T-22.

• Equipment must not be kept overnight or over multiple days.  You must return equipment to the UW Tower Operations Desk the same day that you checked it out.  Since we have a limited supply, you may not have the same piece of equipment assigned to you every day.  Please reserve from Classroom Technology & Events (UW-IT) of you wish keep equipment for multiple days.

• Equipment must be checked back in with a live person. If there is no one at the Operations Desk when you come to return your equipment, take it to the Security desk in the Main Lobby and check it in with them.  Do not leave it at the Operations Desk unattended or take it back to your office.

• We do not provide laptops.  You must provide your own laptop to connect to our data projectors.

• We do not setup up/pick up equipment for you*. We do not deliver small AV equipment to the conference room or pick it up after your meeting.  It is your responsibility to check out the smaller AV equipment, set it up, get it running, and return it.  *To arrange for larger equipment to be setup in the Cafeteria, a walk-through of your event with UW Tower staff is required.

• We will help you with your AV equipment upon request.  If you are new to Audio Visual equipment and know that you are going to need assistance, we can give you a hand.  Please make arrangements with my team ahead of time so we can meet with you before your meeting begins.  Please email us at