UW Tower Green Team

Get involved with greening the Tower!

The Green Team welcomes membership from all units within the UW Tower. Troy Swanson and the facilities staff are enthusiastic supporters of the team and have taken on an important role in support of our efforts.

If you would like to get involved, email greentm@uw.edu. All Green Team work is done on a volunteer basis. We suggest you check with your supervisor to determine your ability to participate.


Current Projects

Green Square
Through student-led innovation and design, the Green Square project aspires to transform the Tower plaza by enhancing the appearance of the expansive red brick with an attractive oasis of green urban food production and providing additional seating. The project is supported by the Campus Sustainability Fund and will demonstrate University of Washington's sustainability goals through an adaptive appropriation of urban space. Click here for more information.

How to get involved: If you are interested in volunteering to help maintain the garden beds by weeding, watering, thinning, and harvesting, please sign up on this Google Sheet (you must use your UW credentials, not your personal Google account). If you have any difficulty accessing this form, please email us at greentm@uw.edu.

Sustainability Film Series
Organized by the Tower Green Team and the UW Combined Fund Drive, the Sustainability Film series shows thought-provoking films on sustainability topics each month. For each film, a sustainability organization that works on related issues joins us to provide information about their work and lead a Q&A session. Click here for a list of films shown to date.

How to get involved: Films and organizations have been selected through the end of 2019, but we are looking for new input and fresh perspectives! Please contact us at greentm@uw.edu if you are interested.

Additional Projects
More projects are in the works, so please check back to learn more. If you have capacity to start and lead a green project at the Tower that we aren’t working on yet, please make a proposal by emailing your idea to greentm@uw.edu.


UW Resources

UW Sustainability: https://green.uw.edu/
UW Sustainability Information Portal: https://green.uw.edu/dashboard
In Our Nature (UW Sustainability Blog): https://green.uw.edu/blog/tags/uw-recycling
UW Recycling Disposal Guide: https://facilities.uw.edu/catalog/disposal-guide
Sustainability and Education Service List: https://facilities.uw.edu/services/categories/Sustainability-and-Education