Desk Lamp Guidelines Request Form


The UW Desk Lamp Guidelines are described below.  If you would like to have a desk lamp please read the policy below and complete this form.  The UW Tower Facility Manager or designate will review your request and approve your lamp if it meets the standards described in the policy.
Date of Request______________________________________________________________________________
Describe reason for needing a lamp_______________________________________________________________
Would additional task lighting (under your shelf or bin) take care of your need for extra lighting?  ___Yes  ____No
If your answer is “Yes,” please describe where you would like to have additional lighting.

Please send this form to UW Tower Operations at
Request approved by:  (Signature)______________________________________Date:____________________
Desk lamp inspected by (Signature)_____________________________________Date:____________________

Desk Lamp Guidelines for UW Tower
Questions or information to UW Tower tenants
1. Does the customer really need an additional desk lamp?
2. Is it possible to provide additional task lighting or retro fit existing task lighting by making a furniture request?

Desk Lamp Requirements
1. All lamps must have original tags from UL (Underwriters Laboratory Standards for Safety) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association for product testing)
2. Line cords and plugs in good condition
3. 60 Watt maximum wattage on bulbs
4. One additional desk lamp to the existing task lamp
5. No Halogen lamps
6. No combustible shades
7. No floor lamps

The UW is working towards a green campus—shifting from incandescent fixtures to fluorescent or LED fixtures is the direction of the future.