Conference Room Pricing

Pricing at UW Tower is designed to be comparable with rates on Campus, though there are a few subtle differences:

  • We offer tables, chairs and audio-visual equipment for free as part of your reservation.
  • There is a 3 hour minimum charge for non-tenants and groups outside of UW Tower. Tenants are not held to a minimum charge and instead are charged straight time.
  • We offer extra security or off-duty police officers for large events (200-300 people).

Please note that we are only able to accept rentals from internal UW departments that can provide us with a budget number. If you wish to reserve at UW Tower and you do not have a budget number, you will need to find a sponsoring UW department or person.  Please email UW Tower Operations for more information on pass-through charges.

Please click the link below for the pricing sheet and direct any questions to, or call (206) 685-5648. Thank you!