UW Tower Conference Room Requirements & Guidelines


Conference rooms in the UW Tower are intended primarily for use by UW Tower occupants and are part of their paid rental agreement. Priority will be given to UW Tower occupants.
A rental use fee will be charged for non-occupant UW Tower groups.

Reservations details

  • Reservations are first come, first served
  • Reservations are limited to one year in advance of today's date on a rolling schedule
  • Bumping is very rare and is only done for the Board of Regents of the Office of the President*

* To accommodate special circumstances, these groups may place reservations more than one year out.

Payment Methods

Proof of payment for the event must be received no later than two weeks before the event takes place, or the event will be cancelled.  This allows for the scheduling of resources including staffing for the event.  Proof of payment is either an official University of Washington budget number, or if you are an RSO, a receipt from the HUB Cashier's desk.


UW Budget Numbers

  • A UW Budget Number is required for all reservations incurring a charge.  We cannot accept reservations for groups that are not associated with or sponsored by the University.
  • Tentative reservations may be made without a Budget Number.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your event any time up to three days before your event. Full charges will apply to all scheduled events that were not cancelled before this time frame. You will receive a cancellation confirmation when you cancel your event. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact UW Tower Operations.

Rental Rates for Tenants

Free use times: business hours (6:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday)
Paid use times: Weekdays after 6:00 pm, weekends and holidays

To Reserve a Conference Room

Contact your Floor Coordinator with your conference room needs and they will secure one for you. You can also call (206) 685-5648, email UW Tower Operations, or use the web form found here: UW Tower Room Reservation Form

Be ready to provide this information when making a reservation:

  • Date of the reservation*
  • Preferred room/floor location
  • Name of the meeting*
  • Start time*
  • End time*
  • # of attendees*
  • Name and email of person requesting the room*
  • Name and email of contact person for the reservation*
  • Any Audio/Visual needs
  • Budget number (for non-tenants and after-hours meetings)

*Required by our scheduling program

Reservation Tips & Hints

Conference Room Utilization

  • You may want to meet on the 22nd floor or in the Visitors' Dining Room for each one of your meetings, but the schedule for these resources fills up very quickly. We prefer if you try to reserve the room on your floor before moving to another location.

Choosing the Right Room

  • If your desired room is unavailable or if the number of people in your party is not the right size for that room, you may end up booked in a more suitable room. You may also have to travel throughout the building to get to your conference room. If you need help finding a room, please email UW Tower Operations.

Accurate Attendee Head Count

  • The number or people attending your meeting is very important information. With this information, we can find you the room that best fits your needs and configure it appropriately.


Confirmations are automatically generated by the reservation system. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact UW Tower Operations immediately.  We will verify that your reservation was made successfully and provide you a confirmation.

The automatically-generated confirmations contain a link that allow Floor Coordinators to open and view their reservation in the system. Due to a limited number of licenses, we cannot provide this access to everyone.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Food & Beverages in Conference Rooms

Please ensure that all beverages enjoyed in our Conference Rooms at UW Tower are covered.

The T-22 Boardroom & Glass Conference Room

  • Food is not allowed in these rooms in an effort to protect the executive furniture and finishes that decorate the interiors.

Conference Rooms & Catering

  • Most of the other rooms allow food. Please use a catering vendor if you plan to serve food; they can provide linens and china to protect surfaces and staff to clean up afterwards.
  • Regardless of whether or not your event is catered, be sure to leave the room in the state you found it. Properly dispose of all trash and make sure surfaces are clean.
  • A custodial fee may apply to large (100+ people) events involving food. We recommend that any food-oriented events be held on the 4th floor/Mezzanine near the dining facilities.

Conference Room Supplies/AV Equipment

Many items may be checked out at no cost: portable data projectors, projection screens, flipchart easels w/paper, portable whiteboards, laser pointers, etc. Please request these items when you place your request for a conference room.
For the full policy for UW Tower Audio Visual equipment, please click here.

Room Setups and Furniture

If you have reserved a room at UW Tower and taken it upon yourself to move, switch, or otherwise alter the furniture in the conference room, it is your responsibility to return the room to the configuration in which you have found it.  This applies to all common conference rooms at UW Tower on T-22, Lobby, and the Mezzanine level.

Charges may apply if a room is not returned to its original configuration.

UW Tower Operations will gladly set up our conference rooms for you.  You must schedule this setup and the request must be received before your event is supposed to take place.  Charges will apply for large setups (North & South Cafeterias, Magnolia, Ravenna & Visitors' Dining Room) and a budget number will be needed in order to facilitate the setup for you.  Some small setups may not incur a charge - please check with UW Tower Operations in order to determine the cost of your setup. 

Access to the Facility

During business hours, access for UW employees is a breeze - as long as you have your Husky Card. Husky Cards can be swiped at the turnstile for easy access. Anyone not associated with the UW or coming in after hours must check in with Security in the Main Lobby.

To speed the check-in process for large events, provide Security with a guest list by emailing is to UW Tower Security.

If you have any questions about these procedures or about conference room reservations in general, please contact UW Tower Operations via email or by calling (206) 685-5648. Thank you!

Daniel Ahn
UW Tower Communications Coordinator