UW Tower Art Committee

The University of Washington Tower Art Committee’s mission is to encourage creativity, celebrate artistic expression and enhance the visual landscape of the building. Our mission is to positively impact the UW community by sharing art that is both thought provoking yet energizing as well as inspire and empower the UW community to engage in artistic efforts.

There are four exhibit areas in the UW Tower:

  • Mezzanine Gallery (4th floor/Mezzanine lobby adjacent to the auditorium)
  • Cafe Art Wall (4th floor, Cafeteria North)
  • Sky Bridge Gallery (2nd floor Lobby between the Skybridge and Main Lobby)
  • Fountain Gallery (2nd floor Lobby facing the Tsutakawa fountain and South plaza in Building C)

Contact the Art Committee

Art Committee Sponsor: Art in the Tower is a program sponsored and managed by Troy Swanson, UW Tower Facility Manager, Campus Engineering & Operations.

Art Committee Chair: The current committee chair is Amber McCoy, Marketing & Communications Manager in UW-IT.

Questions: Interested in joining the Art Committee or curious of what exhibits are coming in the future? Contact the Art Committee for more information by emailing the UW Tower Art Committee.