Moving quite often means questions, and we get a lot of them. We’ve done our best to answer your questions here.

Q: Where do I get boxes?

A: You can rent or buy boxes from UW Moving. You can also rent “Dawg Boxes” - reusable plastic moving crates. Dawg Boxes are the more sustainable moving option and they are great for packing and moving hanging files! Ask for hangers—they fit right in the box. One drawer of files will fit in one Dawg Box!

Need other packing supplies? UW Moving has labels, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. Let us know what you need. We can help.

Q: I need you to move a valuable item, but what kind of coverage do you offer in case something goes wrong?

A: UW Moving doesn’t offer any kind of coverage, but we strongly recommend departments purchase insurance through the Risk Services Office whenever moving items of special value, costly equipment, or if replacing items damaged in a move would break your budget.

Q: What if I don’t need to move everything in my office?

A: If you’re not moving everything but you have to clear out your existing space, you might need to put extra items in storage or perhaps it’s time to surplus some extra equipment. Either way, we will get it gone, whether to a vendor or to UW Surplus.

Q: Do you move students, faculty or staff members?

A: UW Moving exists to move items for UW departments only.

Q: I have something really big to move. Can you do it?

A: No matter the size, we can help. If we can’t move it, we will refer you to a vendor who can.

Q: Do my items need to be decontaminated?

A: Check our info on decontaminating surplus items.