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Facilities Services

Serving today...Preserving tomorrow.

Building Access and Keys

Facilities Services’ building access group provides access control through locks, keys, access cards and Campus Automated Access Management System (CAAMS) administration.

Service Options

Lock Maintenance

Lock maintenance includes stuck keys, lock repair and revisions to existing keying.

(FS-WORKS requires a NetID login)

Campus visitors without a NetID can report issues to the Care Team.


Building Coordinators and departmental Key Coordinators may request lock changes.

Lock, key and building access issues may be reported by anyone on campus and do not incur a charge.

Key Requests

The Lock Shop cuts keys for buildings, rooms, file cabinets and desks.

Contact the Lock Shop at for a Key Request Form.

To request keys from the Lock Shop you must mail or deliver a completed Key Request Form signed by your Building Coordinator, department Key Coordinator or another authorized person.

File cabinet and desk keys will be mailed through Campus Mail unless otherwise instructed. Room and building keys may be picked up at the lock shop when ready.


Building Coordinators and departmental Key Coordinators.

How early should I request?

Keys will be cut within three business days of the request.

CAAMS Building Access

Facilities Maintenance manages keycard building access via CAAMS.

Or contact


Building Coordinators and departmental Key Coordinators.