Transition to Occupancy (T2O) is a program in progress made of new practices, processes and technology. The current state of scope of services are listed below. The T2O goal is to deliver project (facility or renovation) per the agreement (business plan), while maximizing value for customer end users and securing a stabilized-sustainable transition to occupancy, operations and maintenance.  T2O work optimizes the UW built environment — its space, information & facility assets.

Our contracted partnered teams perform NEW and expanded services:

  • Facility data requirements for import into UW computerized maintenance management system (specification 01 78 23.11)
  • Operations and maintenance data includes UW eO&M framework and upload process (specification 01 78 23)
  • Demonstration and training (specification 01 79 00)
  • Commissioning processes including fire life safety (specification 01 91 00)
  • Building envelope commissioning process requirements per NIBS/LEED (specification 01 91 19)
  • Transition services — Project specific statements of work to support stabilized occupancies and the list of enablement services, for example preventative maintenance planning, standard operating procedure development, tasking and scheduling, asset roles & responsibility matrix, and energy optimization strategy development

Our in-house Project Delivery Group collaborates on:

  • Warranty administration CM is first point contact through 1st year w/ service
  • Integrated monthly issue management meetings with Campus Ops and Facility Maintenance & Construction
  • Issues capturing and management — logging tracking and resolving problems during facility start up and run in — collaborative, web-based approach
  • Conduct T2O huddles in the first year of occupancy — ensuring knowledge transfer for occupants stakeholders, operators and maintainers
  • Chairing post-construction conferences — capturing and documenting lessons learned and knowledge gained in the project execution experience 
  • Best practices — CM/PM roadmap manual or user guide to optimize the transition

We work toward a future state where:

  • The Design, Construction, Transition process provides Operations & Maintenance cost analysis to identifies existing gaps, staffing levels, returns on investment along with lifecycle information 
  • Develop a service and mindset that integrates operational issues into capital project planning and design
  • Develop our integrated teams to deliver occupant, operations and performance manuals (including detailed model staffing plans based on dominant sites specific asset information)
  • Develop UW BIM execution guidelines — performance based rules of engagement for project teams covering many of the elements above — articulating goals, actions, use cases for optimal Information and data outcomes (BIM/FM/GIS/CAD/Regulated and Hazmat)
  • Building a warranty management system