• Section W. Commissioning Support - Standard Specifications 3.01 A.3.a pg 86 
    “Spot network systems” inserted as item iii
  • New section added: HH. Photovoltaic Systems added


  • Section D. Building Chilled Water Systems
    • pg 12, Design Criteria section
      • Item #9 removed: “Provide control sequence to automatically circulate water in hydronic coils at least weekly to remove sediment and replenish water treatment. This is especially important for fan coil units and chilled beams.”
  • Section E. Building Steam and Condensate
    • pg 16, Products, Material and Equipment section
      • Item #2 removed: “Provide pneumatic rather than self-contained steam control valves on hot water converters.”
    • pg 16, Products, Material and Equipment section
      • Item #6 removed: “Provide 1” warmup bypass pipe with globe valve across all main building steam isolation valves and all tunnel steam isolation valves.”
  • Section L. Potable and Nonpotable Water
    • ​Item 13. “…refer to EH&S Laboratory Safety Guide.” changed to “…refer to EH&S Emergency Washing Equipment Requirements” and new hyperlink installed.
  • Section Q. Environmental Control Systems
    • pg 46, Hardware and Software section
      • Added item #5: “Provide pneumatic rather than self-contained steam control valves on hot water converters.”
    • pg 46, Hardware and Software section
      • Added item #6: “Where compressed air is used for fire/smoke damper or DDC pneumatic controls, provide redundant pressure reducing valves so they can be replaced or serviced without disrupting building operation.”
    • pg 49, Added Metering & Monitoring section, with one item: “When a BTU meter is used for control, the temperature / flow values must be hard-wired outputs from the BTU panel to the DDC panel. Do not use network communication for control inputs.”

Exterior Improvements - Plants

  • Sec 1.04 - E. pg 5
    • references containing “Architect” changed to “Architect and/or owner’s representative”
  • Sec 1.05 - C.4. pg 6
    • content added:
      “Alert UW Arborist 1 week prior to tree delivery. Allow UW Arborist to perform any necessary structural pruning on trees taller than 10 feet in height prior to planting.”

Exterior Improvements - Irrigation

  • Products, Materials and Equipment 17.a.i. pg 6
    • was:
      “Use 4-inch risers in regular turf, 6-inch risers in eco-turf with approval, and 12-inch risers in beds.”
    • changed to:
      Use 6-inch risers in regular turf, and 12-inch risers in beds.”

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

  • New files added under EH&S:
    • Food Preparation Design Guide
    • Safe Access and Maintainability
    • Refrigeration Machinery Room Design & Construction
    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Biohazard Laboratory Design
    • Radioactive Materials - Non-Ionizing Radiation
    • Radioactive Materials - Ionizing Radiation
    • Evacuation Plan Sign Holders
    • Evacuation Plan Inserts
    • EH&s preferred vendors list
  • New links added under EH&S for:
    • UW Fall Protection Program Manual
    • Fall Protection resources page



  • Section C. Interiors
    • Interior Doors (C1030) -> Interior Doors Supplementary Components (C1030.90) -> Hardware (08 71 00), page 15:
      • Item #8 added: “All exterior doors must have bottom latches and strikes.  Surface mounted strikes with vertical rods are preferred.  No concealed cable rods are permitted on University of Washington buildings.”
    • Interior Door Standard Specifications (08 71 00) -> 1.01 Products -> E. Exit devices, page 17:
      • Item #5.a. removed: “Vertical Rods shall be cable type.”
  • Section D. Services 
    • Added Services section with content, page 22.
    • Previous “Section D. Site Work” is now “Section E. Site Work”.


  • New addition of Standard Specification section “Electrical Identification”


  • The first three bullets in document “CAD and BIM standards” changed from:
    • BIM models shall be submitted in Revit.rvt format in a mutually agreed upon release.
    • All CAD files are to be submitted as an AutoCAD .dwg format.
      • Remove all non-drawing files from drawing folder before submission, i.e.: .log, .bak, .svs, etc.
    • changed to:
    • BIM models shall be submitted in Revit.rvt format.
    • Revit model files shall be named
      <UW PDG Project Number>_<Discipline>_<Description>_v<Version>.rvt
      CamelCase should be used for Descriptions longer than one word
      i.e. (200001-A-ShellCore-v22.rvt).
    • Everything in the BIM model must be able to be exported to AutoCAD.
  • Addition of new document “UW Architectural CAD Standard Layers (PDF)”

Space Guidelines

  • Content added under “CLASSROOM/LEARNING SPACES”, page 3:
    • “1.    In large classrooms (50 or more student seats), power (electrical outlet) shall be provided at all the ADA accessible seating areas.”

Trees Standard Specifications

  • Section 1.03 Contractor responsibility, page 4
    • The numbered list under paragraph 3 changed from: 
      • a.    $75.00/square inch for trees less than or equal to 6 inch diameter
      • b.    $50.00/square inch for trees greater than 6 inch and less than 18 inch diameter
      • c.    $40.00/square inch for trees greater than or equal to 18 inch diameter
      • d.    Cost is doubled for Trees of Distinction 
    • changed to:
      • a.    The assessed value of the tree using the Trunk Formula Method with a minimum value of $1000.00.
      • b.    Cost is doubled for Trees of Distinction (Exceptional, Historical, Memorial, Brockman Tour, Trees of Seattle)