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Special Use Systems Maintenance

Special use systems are those building systems which support a narrow scope of research or department programs, those typically not utilized by all occupants of a building, not common to most campus buildings, and not considered part of basic infrastructure. Special use components may have been provided at initial construction or added to accommodate a change in occupancy or objectives. Examples of such special use equipment include:

  • Humidification systems
  • Specialized air, water and chemical delivery systems
  • Dedicated, local air conditioners
  • Local lab deionizers
  • Cold rooms, warm rooms
  • Server rooms
Who is Eligible to Use This Service?

(FS-WORKS requires a NetID login)


Initial trouble calls, basic diagnosis and consultation along with operational and preventative maintenance services, up to two hours, are provided at no charge.

Sponsoring departments will be responsible for additional labor and material costs.

Request the Service

(FS-WORKS requires a NetID login)

Campus visitors without a NetID can report issues to the Care Team.


Response Times

Emergencies are unplanned maintenance events that pose a risk to safety, property or critical operations. We respond and stabilize within one business day.

High priority situations are unplanned maintenance events that pose a risk to business operations or environments and have the potential to escalate into an emergency event. We respond and stabilize within one business day, and correct within seven business days.

Routine corrective maintenance includes repairs, replacement or restoration. We respond within four to seven business days and correct within 25 business days.

Planned work is scheduled to be completed at a designated time and date.