Special use equipment are systems which support research or departmental programs but are not considered part of basic infrastructure. These may have been provided at initial construction or added to accommodate a change in occupancy or departmental objectives. These systems are not typically used by all occupants of a building and are not common to most campus buildings. 

Departments are responsible for all labor and material costs associated with the maintenance of special use equipment and supporting systems. Upon request, UW Facilities will provide an estimate, at no charge, to the department for maintenance required on special use equipment.

Some examples of special use equipment are:

  • Cold rooms, warm rooms & walk-in freezers
  • Dedicated, local air conditioners
  • Edible gardens, urban farms
  • Fume hoods, autoclaves, centrifuges
  • Humidification systems
  • Landscaping within a building (such as courtyards, green roofs, etc.)
  • Local lab deionizers
  • Server rooms
  • Specialized air, water and chemical delivery systems


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