Do you manage space for your unit? Are you responsible for ensuring people and budgets are assigned to rooms? Space Manager gives you the tools to make informed decisions about your facilities using a consolidated database, enhanced visualization and advanced reporting.

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Space Manager

With Space Manager, you can:

  1. View information and floor plans for a selected space.
  2. Use interactive maps to view and update space inventory data.
  3. Use tabular format to query space data.
  4. Run reports for space inventory data by school or department, facility or other attributes and export data to Excel.

If you’re looking for all applications including KPI cards, visit InVision Home (link below) as your starting point. Applications that you have access to will appear there.


Space Viewer

For a simple, read-only floor plan viewer, go to Space Viewer.

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Additional Info

This web page relates to Space Manager and associated planning tools. You may be looking for:

  • Space requests: Where to go if you are looking to make changes to your space or wish to lease off-campus space.
  • UW campus map: The public-facing interactive map for the Seattle campus.