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UW Facilities

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Project Delivery contacts

Name and Position Email Phone
Andy Casillas, Project Manager 206-685-9055
Anna Daeuble, Project Integrator 206-221-4299
Bob Dillon, Construction Manager 206-685-6745
Cindy Magruder, Project Integrator 206-221-4396
Elizabeth Hyun, Project Manager for UWT 206-692-4675
Greg Wojcicki, Construction Manager 206-235-2915
Harkarn Baines, Intern -
Harmony Wolfe, Administrative Assistant III 206-543-6817
Harry Fuller, Project Manager 206-221-7448
Ibo Sezgin, Project Manager 206-221-1782
Jeff Johnson, Construction Manager 206-391-9450
Jason Stordahl, Construction Manager 206-616-3110
Jeannie Natta, Senior Project Manager 206-616-7579
Jeff Angeley, Asst. Director, Construction Ops/T2O 206-391-1836
John King, Construction Manager 206-616-6392
Julie Knorr, Project Manager 206-221-6535
Kein Kilborn, Intern -
Lauren Noonan, Project Manager 206-543-9653
Mark Sweeters, Senior Construction Manager 206-391-6207
Melony Pederson, Construction Manager for UWT 206-692-4340
Regi Hampton, Project Manager 206-685-6389
Ross Pouley, Project Manager 206-221-4232
Shane Ruegamer, Senior Project Manager 206-616-5128
Shelly Marriott, Project Integrator 206-221-4222
Steve Babinec, Construction Manager 206-616-0257
Steve Harrison, Project Manager 206-616-4713
Steve Tatge, Executive Director 206-221-4231
Tobi Maggi, Project Manager 206-543-5410
Troy Stahlecker, Director, Project Delivery Group 206-616-5609
Yura Kit, Project Integrator 206-221-9314