As of January 17, 2023, the Facilities Information Library (FIL) has been migrated to DocFinity. New and existing users should review the Getting started with DocFinity section below for more information on using the new document management system.

Most building records and documents are available online through DocFinity (formerly the Facilities Information Library), except for a small portion of drawings in aperture film and manuals and reports in microfiche film formats available at our office.

Who is eligible to use this service?

Clients with active sponsored NetIDs can also access DocFinity. Project Delivery Group project managers can request sponsored NetIDs for their clients. (See additional information below.)

Restricted documents

Specific access is required for documents containing sensitive information. Project Delivery Group project managers can request access for a NetID via email to If granted, the NetID will have access to the restricted documents for two weeks from the process date. The project manager can request a two-week access renewal if needed.

Additional info

Tips for Project Delivery Group project managers requesting a sponsored NetID:

  • You’ll need the client’s first name, last name and email.
  • On the Choose Process page of the request form, we recommend you choose Sponsorship with Deferred Identity Verification.

Getting started with DocFinity

Please review these resources to get oriented with finding building records and documents in DocFinity:

Task-based video training clips

Use the playlist controls in the top left of the video player to select a task-based training clip. The playlist will disappear after a few seconds without mouse activity.