Job hazard analysis assessments

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Assessments by job title (pdf) Last revised
Assistant to the CEUO Executive Director (Shop 31)
Communications Coordinator (Shop 31)
Director of Campus Operations
Elevator Mechanic / Lead
Elevator Supervisor / Manager (Shop 23)
Energy Engineer
Energy Engineer Supervisor
Executive Director of CEUO
Fire Alarm Control Technician Lead Shop 24
Fire Alarm Technicians Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
Fire Systems Specialist (Shop 24)
Fire Systems Specialist Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
FOMS (Shop 20)
FOMS Supervisor (Shop 20)
HVAC Control Technician / Air Balancer
HVAC Control Technician / Lead
HVAC Maintenance Mechanic 1 & 2 (Shop 69)
HVAC Manager (Shop 69)
HVAC Supervisor (Shop 69)
Maintenance Mechanic 1 (Fire Extinguisher) (Shop 24)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Natural Gas Metering Manager (Shop 43)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Sprinkler Fitter (Shop 24)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Sprinkler Fitter Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
Plumber /Pipe / Steamfitter Natural Gas Metering (Shop 43)
Power Plant Assistant Director
Power Plant Control Technician Lead
Power Plant Mechanic
Power Plant Mechanic / Lead
Power Plant Operating Engineer 1
Power Plant Operating Engineer 2
Power Plant Operating Engineer 2 Chemist
Power Plant Operating Engineer Lead
Power Plant Supervisor / Manager
Power Plant Utility Worker 2 (CEO)
Safety Engineer for CEUO
Shutdown Utility Locates Manager (Shop 31)
WCUP Manager (Shop 50W)
WCUP Mechanic / Lead (Shop 50W)