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Job hazard analysis assessments

Creating a new assessment? Download the job hazard analysis template (docx) to get started.
Assessments by job title (pdf) Last revised
Assistant to the CEUO Executive Director (Shop 31)
Communications Coordinator (Shop 31)
Director of Campus Operations
Elevator Mechanic / Lead
Elevator Supervisor / Manager (Shop 23)
Energy Engineer
Energy Engineer Supervisor
Executive Director of CEUO
Fire Alarm Control Technician Lead Shop 24
Fire Alarm Technicians Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
Fire Systems Specialist (Shop 24)
Fire Systems Specialist Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
FOMS (Shop 20)
FOMS Supervisor (Shop 20)
High Voltage Manager (Shop 51)
High Voltage Tech Lead (Shop 51)
HVAC Control Technician / Air Balancer
HVAC Control Technician / Lead
HVAC Maintenance Mechanic 1 & 2 (Shop 69)
HVAC Manager (Shop 69)
HVAC Supervisor (Shop 69)
Maintenance Mechanic 1 (Fire Extinguisher) (Shop 24)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Natural Gas Metering Manager (Shop 43)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Sprinkler Fitter (Shop 24)
Plumber / Pipe / Steamfitter Sprinkler Fitter Supervisor / Manager (Shop 24)
Plumber /Pipe / Steamfitter Natural Gas Metering (Shop 43)
Power Plant Assistant Director
Power Plant Control Technician Lead
Power Plant Mechanic
Power Plant Mechanic / Lead
Power Plant Operating Engineer 1
Power Plant Operating Engineer 2
Power Plant Operating Engineer 2 Chemist
Power Plant Operating Engineer Lead
Power Plant Supervisor / Manager
Power Plant Utility Worker 2 (CEO)
Safety Engineer for CEUO
Shutdown Utility Locates Manager (Shop 31)
WCUP Manager (Shop 50W)
WCUP Mechanic / Lead (Shop 50W)