The #1 priority is personal safety.

Suspicious person

  • Establish eye contact and ask if you can help him/her.
  • Do not physically confront the person.
  • Do not let anyone into locked building/office.
  • Do not block the person’s access to an exit.
  • Call 911
  • Keep a safe distance. Note the person’s direction of travel. Attempt to obtain as much information as possible such as: sex, age, weight, race, body type, hair color/style, clothing, shoes, jewelry, distinguishing marks, scars, tattoos.

Workplace Safety - General

  • Be sensitive to your work environment. Notice what is normal; notice if an abnormal condition occurs. Do not ignore threatening behavior. Report concerns (and any threats) to your supervisor/manager or to Personnel, or contact University Police for advice and assistance.
  • Do not tolerate verbal or physical harassment from anyone (ref. FS 94-06, UW Facilities Policy on Verbal/Physical Harassment).
  • Do not give out personal information about a co-worker (e.g., home address/telephone, current whereabouts)..
  • Report civil protection orders (“no contact” orders; “restraining” orders) to University Police.
  • Position yourself so that a visitor cannot block your access to an exit.