Hazard review checklists

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Checklist file Trade/Job title Last revised
HRC001 Exhaust fan - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC002 Filter - change ARCF
HRC003 Fan coil unit (FCU) - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC004 Pump - quarterly preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC005 Sump pump - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC006 Lift station sewer sump - clean ARCF
HRC007 Sump acid tank - pump water ARCF
HRC050 Door / window frame - machine, repair, install Carpenters
HRC051 Window / window frame - install Carpenters
HRC052 Siding - remove, install Carpenters
HRC053 Insulation, fiberglass / rockwool - install Carpenters
HRC054 Ceiling tile - remove, install Carpenters
HRC055 Casework - install, anchor Carpenters
HRC056 Demolition - miscellaneous Carpenters
HRC057 Wall hung item - remove, install Carpenters
HRC058 Fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) wall - remove, install Carpenters
HRC059 Fabrication - machining, sanding wood or plastics Carpenters
HRC090 Shade / blind - fabrication Carpenters: shade shop
HRC091 Shade / blind - demolish, install Carpenters: shade shop
HRC092 Motorized shade - demolish, install Carpenters: shade shop
HRC100 Entry into area requiring refrigerant detector Electricians
HRC101 Raceway / pull wire, non-laboratory - install Electricians
HRC102 Raceway / pull wire, laboratory - install Electricians
HRC103 Electrical components for biosafety cabinet, laboratory - test, repair Electricians
HRC104 Controls, flow hood, animal cage cleaning areas - test, repair Electricians
HRC105 Lighting fixture, laboratory - relamp, repair Electricians
HRC106 Circuit breaker, public space/mechanical room - reset Electricians
HRC107 Outlet, switch, or cord, laboratory - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC108 Outlet, switch, or cord, public / mechanical room - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC109 Electrical component, roof - test, repair Electricians
HRC110 Electrical component, mechanical room - test, replace Electricians
HRC111 Equipment, laboratory - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC112 Equipment, mechanical room - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC113 Equipment, lift station - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC114 Electrical component, public space - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC115 Electrical component - install Electricians
HRC116 Streetlights and pathway lights - repair, replace Electricians
HRC117 Fixtures, public areas and mechanical rooms - relamp, repair Electricians
HRC1000 Accessory belt - replace Fleet Services
HRC1001 Brake - replace Fleet Services
HRC1002 CV axle - replace Fleet Services
HRC1003 Engine diagnostic Fleet Services
HRC1004 Liftgate - preventative maintenance Fleet Services
HRC1005 PDI Fleet Services
HRC1006 Engine / transmission - preventative maintenance (PMI) Fleet Services
HRC1007 Waste oil pump - remove, rebuild, reinstall Fleet Services
HRC1008 Tire - mount, dismount, balance Fleet Services
HRC1009 Vehicle light - replace Fleet Services
HRC1010 Vehicle transport Fleet Services
HRC150 Cove base - demolish Floorers