Safety is part of the daily work of our employees at UW Facilities. The HRC and JHA processes help assure the safe, efficient completion of work performed by our employees. UW Facilities has developed these “Safety Hazard Review Checklists” as they apply to each area.

Find a checklist below organized by trade or start with a blank Hazard review checklist template that can be altered and saved as needed.

Trade Checklist (pdf)
ARCF HRC001 Exhaust fan preventative maintenance
ARCF HRC002 Filter change
ARCF HRC003 Fan coil units (FCU) preventative maintenance
ARCF HRC004 Quarterly pump preventative maintenance
ARCF HRC005 Sump pump preventative maintenance
ARCF HRC006 Sewer sump cleaning
ARCF HRC007 Pump sump acid tank
Carpenters HRC050 Door/window frames - machining, repair, installation
Carpenters HRC051 Window/window frame - installation
Carpenters HRC052 Siding - removal, installation
Carpenters HRC053 Insulation, fiberglass/rockwool - installation
Carpenters HRC054 Ceiling tile - removal, installation
Carpenters HRC055 Casework - installation, anchoring
Carpenters HRC056 Demolition - miscellaneous
Carpenters HRC057 Wall hung items - removal, installation
Carpenters HRC058 Fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) walls - removal, installation
Carpenters HRC059 Fabrication - machining, sanding wood or plastics
Carpenters: shade shop HRC090 Shades and blinds - fabrication
Carpenters: shade shop HRC091 Blinds and shades - demolition, installation
Carpenters: shade shop HRC092 Motorized shades - demolition, installation
Electricians HRC100 Entry into area requiring refrigerant detector
Electricians HRC101 Raceway/pull wire, non-laboratory - installation
Electricians HRC102 Raceway pull wire lab
Electricians HRC103 Electrical components for biosafety cabinet, laboratory - testing, repair
Electricians HRC104 Controls, flow hood, animal cage cleaning areas - testing, repair
Electricians HRC105 Raceway/pull wire, laboratory - installation
Electricians HRC105 Fixtures, laboratory areas - relamp, repair
Electricians HRC106 Reset circuit breaker, public space/mechanical room
Electricians HRC107 Outlet, switch, or cord, laboratory - testing, repair, replacement
Electricians HRC108 Outlet, switch, or cord, public/mechanical room - testing, repair, replacement
Electricians HRC109 Electrical component, roof - testing, repair
Electricians HRC110 Electrical component, mechanical room - testing, replacement
Electricians HRC111 Equipment, laboratory - preventative maintenance (testing only)
Electricians HRC112 Equipment, mechanical room - preventative maintenance (testing only)
Electricians HRC113 Equipment, lift station - preventative maintenance (testing only)
Electricians HRC114 Electrical components, public space - testing, repair, replacement
Electricians HRC115 Electrical components - installation
Electricians HRC116 Streetlights and pathway lights - repair, replacement
Electricians HRC117 Fixtures, public areas and mechanical rooms - relamp, repair
Floorers HRC150 Cove base - demolition
Floorers HRC151 Vinyl composition tile - demolition
Floorers HRC152 Sheet vinyl - demolition
Floorers HRC153 Carpet - demolition
Floorers HRC154 Floor sanding
Floorers HRC155 Floor grinding
Floorers HRC156 Sheet vinyl - installation
Floorers HRC157 Vinyl composition tile - installation
Floorers HRC158 Carpet, installation
Floorers HRC159 Cove base - installation
Grounds HRC250 Weed control
Grounds HRC251 Fertilization
Grounds HRC252 Hardscape cleanup - sidewalks
Grounds HRC253 Irrigation
Grounds HRC254 Lawn mowing
Grounds HRC255 Line trimming (weed eater)
Grounds HRC256 Planting
Grounds HRC257 Litter pickup
Grounds HRC258 Nursery work
Grounds HRC259 Other grounds - miscellaneous
Grounds HRC260 Pruning
Grounds HRC261 Working in traffic control situations (non-flagging)
Grounds HRC262 Snow removal
Grounds HRC263 Pesticide application - spraying, injection and granule
Grounds HRC264 Sweeping - blowing
Grounds HRC265 Tree work
Glaziers HRC200 Slumping (bending) glass
Glaziers HRC201 Sandblasting glass
Glaziers HRC202 Making glass molds
Glaziers HRC203 Fume hood glass - replacement
Glaziers HRC204 Graffiti removal
Glaziers HRC205 Caulking
Glaziers HRC206 Fabrication of metal window
Glaziers HRC207 Grinding glass
Glaziers HRC208 Removing and securing standoff caps with Loctite (TM)
Glaziers HRC209 Cutting laminated glass
Glaziers HRC210 Cutting annealed glass
Glaziers HRC211 Removing glass (broken or intact)
Glaziers HRC212 Installing new glass
Glaziers HRC213 Installing securing mirror
Glaziers HRC214 Identifying and repairing leaks
Glaziers HRC215 Removing window film
Glaziers HRC216 Delivering glass
Glaziers HRC217 Removing, cleaning and installing glass in fire places
Insulators HRC350 Working with insulation materials that contain silica
Insulators HRC351 Working with raw fiberglass or glass wool insulation
Insulators HRC352 Application of PVC adhesive when using PVC jacketing
Insulators HRC353 Applying contact cement (i.e. Armstrong 520)
Insulators HRC354 Insulating mechanical systems in animal lab areas
Lock shop HRC400 CAAMS equipment and integrated door hardware - testing, repair
Lock shop HRC401 CAAMS equipment and integrated door hardware, laboratory/animal areas - testing, repair
Lock shop HRC402 CAAMS equipment and integrated door hardware, CPO work site - testing, repair
Lock shop HRC403 CAAMS auxiliary power supplies
Lock shop HRC404 CAAMS auxiliary power supplies, exposed energized electrical
Lock shop HRC405 Existing locks, non-laboratory - repair, replacement
Lock shop HRC406 Existing locks, laboratory - repair, replacement
Lock shop HRC407 Bench work/machining in lock shop
Machine mechanics HRC500 Fabrication and machine metal
Machine mechanics HRC500 Fab-Metal
Machine mechanics HRC501 Air compressors/vacuum systems - maintenance, repair
Machine mechanics HRC502 Calkboards, whiteboards, projector screens - maintenance, repair
Machine mechanics HRC503 Maintenance for cyclotrom room (NW041)
Machine mechanics HRC504 Dental water flush - weekly
Machine mechanics HRC505 Desiccants, air drying media - replacement
Machine mechanics HRC506 Dock levelers - maintenance, repair
Machine mechanics HRC507 Electrical motors - maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, aligning
Machine mechanics HRC508 Equip-in-Shop
Machine mechanics HRC508 Machin, tool and equipment use in shop
Machine mechanics HRC509 Air filtration on HVAC equipment - inspection, replacement
Machine mechanics HRC510 Drop down doors - reset (Fluke Hall)
Machine mechanics HRC511 Roll-up doors, overhead garage doors, fire doors - maintenance, repair, reset
Machine mechanics HRC512 HVAC equipment - maintenance, repair
Machine mechanics HRC513 Kitchen facility equipment - maintenance, repair
Machine mechanics HRC514 Lift station at J-Wing and Columbia Way (Health Sciences Building)
Machine mechanics HRC515 Machinery - Maintenance, Repair
Machine mechanics HRC516 Mechanical space clean-up - trash removal
Machine mechanics HRC517 Rotating equipment - changing, tensioning, aligning belts
Machine mechanics HRC518 Fume hood sash - repair, replacement sash cables or glass
Machine mechanics HRC519 Streetlights and pathway lights, all high work - repair, replacement
Machine mechanics HRC520 Motor-removal-hoist
Machine mechanics HRC521 Dryer-cleaning
Masons HRC600 Ceramic tile, laboratory - removal
Masons HRC601 Ceramic tile, laboratory - installation
Masons HRC602 Masontry wall, laboratory - demolition
Masons HRC603 Wall, non-laboratory - repair
Masons HRC604 Ceramic tile, non-laboratory - installation
Masons HRC605 Ceramic tile, non-laboratory - removal
Masons HRC606 Wall construction
Masons HRC607 Fire stop, walls, floors, ceilings - installation
Masons HRC608 Bricklaying/blocklaying
Masons HRC609 Tuck pointing
Masons HRC610 Scaffold - assembly, removal, wing stage and Safway (Brand) scaffolding
Masons HRC611 Outdoors: bricks, terra-cotta, stone, and concrete - acid cleaning
Masons HRC612 Concrete - mixing, pouring
Masons HRC613 Water proofing
Masons HRC614 Concrete - grinding
Masons HRC615 Graffiti - removal
Masons HRC616 Taping and patching
Masons HRC617 Caulking - removal, application
Masons HRC618 Plaster wall construction
Masons HRC619 Concrete - removal
Masons HRC620 Sandblasting
Masons HRC621 Grouting
Masons HRC622 Core drilling
Masons HRC623 Indoors - acid cleaning
Masons HRC624 Pressure washing
Master machine mechanics HRC450 Tire - repair, maintenance
Master machine mechanics HRC451 Large equipment - maintenance
Master machine mechanics HRC452 Small equipment - maintenance
Master machine mechanics HRC453 Parts - machining
Master machine mechanics HRC454 Tools - sharpening
Material management HRC650 Powered material handling equipment - battery maintenance
Material management HRC651 Placing items into Surplus roll off containers
Material management HRC652 Lab/medical equipment drop-offs
Material management HRC653 Surplus computer room and data - sanitation
Material management HRC654 General materials - transportation
Material management HRC655 Cryogenically frozen samples in liquid nitrogen - transportation
Material management HRC656 Surplus computer room and data - sanitation (vacuum)
Material management HRC657 Lab/medical equipment drop-offs
Painters HRC700 Epoxy coating - apply to floors or walls with roller or brush
Painters HRC701 Latex coating - apply with roller or brush in laboroatory
Painters HRC702 Latex coating - apply with roller or brush
Painters HRC703 Latex epoxy or water-based paint - apply with sprayer
Painters HRC704 Oil-based paint - spray booth
Painters HRC705 Asphalt seal coating
Painters HRC706 Street paint pump (line laser)
Painters HRC707 Thermo plastic road striping machine
Painters HRC708 Hot tape applications
Painters HRC709 Latex-Apply-Lab-No-Lead-Procedure
Painters HRC710 Latex-Apply-NonLab-No-Lead-Procedures
Painters HRC711 Latex-Epoxy-Sprayer-No-Lead-Procedures
Plumbers HRC750 Coils - maintenance, repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC751 Lift stations - dry well work
Plumbers HRC752 Autoclave - repair
Plumbers HRC753 Gas systems (natural gas)
Plumbers HRC754 Pressurized air piping
Plumbers HRC755 Vacuum piping - repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC756 Steam system (low, medium, high pressure) - repair
Plumbers HRC757 Fixtures, lab/animal use area - repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC758 Labe/animal use area drain - unplug
Plumbers HRC759 Fixtures, public areas - repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC760 Boiler - maintenance, repair
Plumbers HRC761 Toilet - clean, repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC762 Hot water tank - troubleshoot, repair
Plumbers HRC763 Drain, roof drain - unplug
Plumbers HRC764 Drain, public area - unplug
Plumbers HRC765 Leaking pipe - repair, replacement
Plumbers HRC780 Sewers (non-entry) - maintenance, repair
Plumbers HRC781 Fire hydrant - maintenance, repair
Plumbers HRC782 Water main valves (exercise valves) - preventative maintenance
Plumbers HRC783 Back flow prevention testing
Plumbers HRC784 Storm drains (entry) - maintenance, repair
Plumbers HRC785 Sewers (entry) - maintenance, repair
Plumbers HRC786 Storm drains (non-entry) - maintenance, repair
Refrigeration HRC800 Cooling towers - chemical testing, maintenance, repair
Refrigeration HRC801 Mechanical room HVAC unit - testing, repair, replacement
Refrigeration HRC802 Cold/freezer room HVAC unit - testing, repair, replacement
Refrigeration HRC803 Chiller units, mechanical rooms - testing, repair, replacement
Refrigeration HRC804 Chiller units, rooftops area - testing, repair, replacement
Refrigeration HRC805 Kitchen equipment - preventative maintenance, repair, replacement
Roofers HRC850 Roofs - cleaning, preventative maintenance
Roofers HRC851 Operate mobile elevated work platform (MWEP) JLG or Genie lifts
Roofers HRC852 Forklift
Roofers HRC853 Roofing torchdown
Roofers HRC854 Coating/sealer
Sheet metal HRC900 Bathroom partitions - installation, removal
Sheet metal HRC901 Office cubicles - installation, removal
Sheet metal HRC902 Wall fixture - installation
Sheet metal HRC903 Fume hood (new) - installation
Sheet metal HRC904 Flashing - installation, removal
Sheet metal HRC905 Ceiling grid - installation, removal
Sheet metal HRC906 Metal in shop - fabrication, machining
Sheet metal HRC907 Chalkboards, auditorium/lecture hall casework - maintenance, repair
Sheet metal HRC908 Dampers and louvers (all types) - maintenance, repair
Sheet metal HRC909 Duct flexes (all types) - maintenance, repair, replacement
Sheet metal HRC910 HVAC grills, radiators, covers - inspection, maintenance
Sheet metal HRC911 Gutters, downspouts, metal flashing - maintenance, repair
Sheet metal HRC912 Handrails, ladders, steps, grating, access hatches, gates - inspection, repair
Sheet metal HRC913 Fume hood sash operating mechanisms, glass, chemical - repair, replacement
Sheet metal HRC914 General sheet metal shop work - fabrication, welding, etc.
Sheet metal HRC915 Restroom partitions, casework, lockers - preventative maintenance, repair
Sheet metal HRC916 Fire/smoke curtains and roll up garage doors/fire gates - maintenance, resetting
Sheet metal HRC917 Metal frame window, hardware, seals, screens - maintenance, repair
Sign shop HRC730 Sign shop - production
Sign shop HRC731 Indoor signs - removal
Sign shop HRC732 Outdoor signs - removal
Sign shop HRC733 Concrete - mixing
Sign shop HRC734 Indoor signs - mounting (to metal, concrete/CMU or wood)
Sign shop HRC735 Outdoor signs - mounting (to metal, concrete/CMU or wood)
Heavy equipment operators HRC300 Excavations
Heavy equipment operators HRC301 Crane Ops
Heavy equipment operators HRC302 Street Sweeper
Heavy equipment operators HRC303 CDL Material Handling
Heavy equipment operators HRC304 Fusion Piping Machine
Heavy equipment operators HRC305 Snow Removal
Heavy equipment operators HRC306 Rough Terrain Forklift
Heavy equipment operators HRC307 HRC307 Snow Removal Manual
Heavy equipment operators HRC308 Snow Removal Deicer Machine b jg3
Heavy equipment operators HRC309 Sand Salt Machine for snow jg3
Fleet Services HRC1000 Accessory-Belt-Replacement
Fleet Services HRC1001 Brake-Replacement
Fleet Services HRC1002 CV-Axle-Replacement
Fleet Services HRC1003 Engine-Diagnostic
Fleet Services HRC1004 Liftgate-PM-Service
Fleet Services HRC1005 PDI
Fleet Services HRC1006 PMI
Fleet Services HRC1007 Shop-Waste-Oil-Pump-Replacement-and-Repair
Fleet Services HRC1008 Tire-Dismount-Mount-Balance
Fleet Services HRC1009 Vehicle-Light-Replacement
Fleet Services HRC1010 Vehicle-Transport