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Hazard review checklists

Checklist (pdf) Trade/Job title Last revised
HRC001 Exhaust fan - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC002 Filter - change ARCF
HRC003 Fan coil unit (FCU) - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC004 Pump - quarterly preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC005 Sump pump - preventative maintenance ARCF
HRC006 Lift station sewer sump - clean ARCF
HRC007 Sump acid tank - pump water ARCF
HRC050 Door / window frame - machine, repair, install Carpenters
HRC051 Window / window frame - install Carpenters
HRC052 Siding - remove, install Carpenters
HRC053 Insulation, fiberglass / rockwool - install Carpenters
HRC054 Ceiling tile - remove, install Carpenters
HRC055 Casework - install, anchor Carpenters
HRC056 Demolition - miscellaneous Carpenters
HRC057 Wall hung item - remove, install Carpenters
HRC058 Fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) wall - remove, install Carpenters
HRC059 Fabrication - machining, sanding wood or plastics Carpenters
HRC090 Shade / blind - fabrication Carpenters: shade shop
HRC091 Shade / blind - demolish, install Carpenters: shade shop
HRC092 Motorized shade - demolish, install Carpenters: shade shop
HRC100 Entry into area requiring refrigerant detector Electricians
HRC101 Raceway / pull wire, non-laboratory - install Electricians
HRC102 Raceway / pull wire, laboratory - install Electricians
HRC103 Electrical components for biosafety cabinet, laboratory - test, repair Electricians
HRC104 Controls, flow hood, animal cage cleaning areas - test, repair Electricians
HRC105 Lighting fixture, laboratory - relamp, repair Electricians
HRC106 Circuit breaker, public space/mechanical room - reset Electricians
HRC107 Outlet, switch, or cord, laboratory - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC108 Outlet, switch, or cord, public / mechanical room - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC109 Electrical component, roof - test, repair Electricians
HRC110 Electrical component, mechanical room - test, replace Electricians
HRC111 Equipment, laboratory - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC112 Equipment, mechanical room - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC113 Equipment, lift station - preventative maintenance (test only) Electricians
HRC114 Electrical component, public space - test, repair, replace Electricians
HRC115 Electrical component - install Electricians
HRC116 Streetlights and pathway lights - repair, replace Electricians
HRC117 Fixtures, public areas and mechanical rooms - relamp, repair Electricians
HRC1000 Accessory belt - replace Fleet Services
HRC1001 Brake - replace Fleet Services
HRC1002 CV axle - replace Fleet Services
HRC1003 Engine diagnostic Fleet Services
HRC1004 Liftgate - preventative maintenance Fleet Services
HRC1005 PDI Fleet Services
HRC1006 Engine / transmission - preventative maintenance (PMI) Fleet Services
HRC1007 Waste oil pump - remove, rebuild, reinstall Fleet Services
HRC1008 Tire - mount, dismount, balance Fleet Services
HRC1009 Vehicle light - replace Fleet Services
HRC1010 Vehicle transport Fleet Services
HRC150 Cove base - demolish Floorers
HRC151 Vinyl composition tile - demolish Floorers
HRC152 Sheet vinyl - demolish Floorers
HRC153 Carpet - demolish Floorers
HRC154 Floor sanding Floorers
HRC155 Floor grinding Floorers
HRC156 Sheet vinyl - install Floorers
HRC157 Vinyl composition tile - install Floorers
HRC158 Carpet - install Floorers
HRC159 Cove base - install Floorers
HRC200 Slumping (bending) glass Glaziers
HRC201 Sandblasting glass Glaziers
HRC202 Making glass molds Glaziers
HRC204 Graffiti removal Glaziers
HRC205 Caulking Glaziers
HRC206 Fabrication of metal window Glaziers
HRC207 Grinding glass Glaziers
HRC208 Removing and securing standoff caps with Loctite (TM) Glaziers
HRC209 Cutting laminated glass Glaziers
HRC210 Cutting annealed glass Glaziers
HRC211 Removing glass (broken or intact) Glaziers
HRC212 Installing new glass Glaziers
HRC213 Installing securing mirror Glaziers
HRC214 Identifying and repairing leaks Glaziers
HRC215 Removing window film Glaziers
HRC216 Delivering glass Glaziers
HRC217 Removing, cleaning and installing glass in fireplaces Glaziers
HRC250 Weed control Grounds
HRC251 Fertilization Grounds
HRC252 Hardscape cleanup - sidewalks Grounds
HRC253 Irrigation Grounds
HRC254 Lawn mowing Grounds
HRC255 Line trimming (weed eater) Grounds
HRC256 Planting Grounds
HRC257 Litter pickup Grounds
HRC258 Nursery work Grounds
HRC259 Other grounds - miscellaneous Grounds
HRC260 Pruning Grounds
HRC261 Working in traffic control situations (non-flagging) Grounds
HRC262 Snow removal Grounds
HRC263 Pesticide application - spraying, injection and granule Grounds
HRC264 Sweeping - blowing Grounds
HRC265 Tree work Grounds
HRC300 Excavation Heavy equipment operators
HRC301 Crane operation Heavy equipment operators
HRC302 Street sweeping Heavy equipment operators
HRC303 CDL material handling Heavy equipment operators
HRC304 Fusion piping machine Heavy equipment operators
HRC305 Snow and ice removal - heavy equipment Heavy equipment operators
HRC306 Rough terrain forklift Heavy equipment operators
HRC307 Snow removal - manual Heavy equipment operators