Resume and interviewing services

Resume building and interviewing skills are both incredibly important, and incredibly challenging. To begin with, most of us lead humble lives, yet the resume and interview are rare occasions when we need to be able to communicate our accomplishments. And because job changes are infrequent, we don’t normally exercise these skills very often.

Practice can help. The Facilities Training Center offers resume building assistance and can arrange mock interviews with feedback to help you improve your ability to communicate your accomplishments and showcase the skills you offer. We can help regardless of where you are starting from - have a resume that needs updating? Excellent, let's review it. Need help drafting a new or first time resume? No problem, we will guide you through the process, assisting with formatting and asking you the thought provoking questions needed to help you recall and communicate your achievements.

This service is entirely CONFIDENTIAL. Your participation will not be shared with anyone in the organization unless you authorize it.

How it works

Our approach is straight forward and begins with the resume:

  1. Send us or drop off your resume, or schedule a time to meet with us to draft a new one.
  2. We review and provide feedback on your existing or new resume.
  3. With or without our assistance, you edit and modify your resume based on our feedback.
  4. When you are happy with the results, you have the option of conducting a mock interview. We will work with you to schedule a practice interview based on a position you are potentially interested in applying for at some point, even if it is not currently being recruited.
  5. We conduct your mock interview. We try to simulate a real interview as much as possible. This means a panel style interview consisting of multiple interviewers, usually three, and with live questions similar to what you may find for just that position in a normal interview.
  6. When the interview concludes, the interview panelists give you direct, immediate feedback on your performance, including things you did well and areas of opportunity.

How to get started

You can begin anytime by emailing us at, or stopping by the Training Center in person and requesting to start. Your supervisor may also reach out to us on your behalf. As always, please have this time and activity cleared by your supervisor.


Call: 206‐685‐9452

Or visit us in person.

Resources to get you started

Resume tips infographic

Infographic of resume tips and tricks