Employee Safety

Leadership Standards

Tracey Mosier, Chris Pennington & Ron Fouty are all FS employees but work closely with campus partners such as EH&S, UWMC, etc.

Facilities Services is dedicated to promoting and supporting the university’s efforts to protect human health, safety, and the environment. The FS Safety Manager develops, implements and updates FS safety policies and procedures, and works with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to assure FS complies with all relevant regulations and UW policies. The information on this webpage is provided for FS employees, Leads, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors to assure they and their employees follow policies and procedures and comply with regulations.

FS Safety Team Meeting Minutes

Facilities Services holds a Safety Team Meeting on the last Tuesday of every month to discuss current safety topics and issues that affect all FS employees. Minutes are produced from these meetings and sent to Safety Team Members and FS Leadership. The minutes should be a part of all unit level monthly safety meetings along with the monthly meeting topics which can be found on the FES Resources page.

FS OARS Reports

Finance & Facilities Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

The Finance & Facilities Health & Safety Committee meets monthly to review safety topics and issues for all of Finance & Facilities. Each F2 department is represented along with members of UW EH&S. The committee also meets to review the status and resolution of the monthly OARS accident reports. Minutes are produced and distributed to all departments in Finance & Facilities.