Zoonotic Diseases SAFETY 95-3 (Rev. 5/95)


To protect Facilities Services employees from exposure to illness spread from animals to humans (zoonotic diseases).


Any employee working in an area contaminated by animal feces or waste must take precautions as explained in the attached EH&S advisory on Zoonotic Diseases.

Supervisors, Planner/Coordinators, and anyone who assigned or supervises work must ensure that these precautions are followed—including the use of the necessary personal protective equipment. If it is not clear how to proceed safely, consult with Environmental Health & Safety.


EH&S’s “Zoonotic Diseases”

Responsibility : Action

  • Employee:
    • Use personal protective equipment as directed.
    • Follow safe work practices.
  • Supervisor:
    • Monitor employees’ work practices
    • Monitor Employees’ use of personal protective equipment