Medical Emergency

In the event of a serious accident or illness:

  • Call 911
    Give the following information:
    • Your name
    • Name of building you are in, University of Washington campus
    • Floor and location of emergency
    • Any details known about the accident or illness
  • Provide first aid/CPR assistance only to the extent of your personal training and ability.
  • Do not move the injured or ill person unless it is necessary to avoid further injury, (e.g., fire, chemical spill, etc.).
  • Cover victim with a blanket or coat for warmth.
  • Reassure the victim that emergency assistance is on its way.
  • If the victim has been exposed to chemicals, their skin and eyes should be flushed with clean water for 15 minutes using a safety shower or eye wash, and the victim’s contaminated clothing should be removed. Always use the closest safety shower or eye wash, but make sure that it is in an area that prevents further chemical inhalation or other hazard.
  • Have someone meet the emergency personnel at the entrance to the building, in order to direct them to the exact location of the victim.