Employee Phone/ Device Purchases

UW Employee Phone/ Device Purchases

Updated 4/21/2016

UW-owned phones are considered UW property just as with laptops, monitors, chairs, etc. Under most circumstances, employee purchase of a decommissioned UW phone is not permitted. The exception is purchase of a phone by an employee whose device will be enrolled in the UW Mobile Device Program.

If you are a current UW employee who will be purchasing a mobile device as part of the UW Mobile Device Program with the approval of your department, please submit our online surplus request form using the “delivery-to-surplus” form (even though the item will not technically come to us). List the item as “iPhone/ Android Phone (etc.) for Employee Purchase.” In the “comments” section, we need to know the original purchase date & original purchase price. The department head who has approved your allowance eligibility should also be the approver on the surplus request form in the “Approver ID” field. UWMC staff: Please use the Teleservices budget number rather than your department’s budget number. We will then add the item to Surplus Store inventory and contact you directly with complete purchasing instructions. The employee purchasing a mobile device MUST provide to UW Surplus a copy of the completed and signed UW Mobile Device Allowance Agreement before the sale can be finalized.

PLEASE NOTE: The UW Surplus office does not have any involvement with your phone plan, phone number, or service. Please submit the form listing only the phone or phones you will be purchasing yourself.


This program does not allow employees to surplus & purchase a phone that was issued to another employee.

Please do not call to issue payment until you have received the purchasing instructions email from the Surplus office.

Ability and approval to purchase a decommissioned UW phone or device with departmental approval is allowed only if the item falls under the UW Mobile Device Program guidelines available here. These guidelines also address questions about keeping your same phone number, etc.

If a UW employee wants to buy a UW-purchased cell phone because his or her department is upgrading their current phone—i.e. they have an iPhone 4 and it’s being replaced with an iPhone 5, and they want to purchase their old iPhone 4 for personal use—this is not allowable.

Please note: ALL UWMC CELL PHONES are paid for through the Teleservices budget. Please submit the online surplus form using the Teleservices budget number and not the budget number of your UWMC department. If you do not know this budget number, please call Eric Wahl at the UW Surplus office at 206-685-1573, who will provide it to you.